June 21, 2017 2 min read

BrilliantPad Training Overview

These are our general dog training tips: be patient; praise good behavior and avoid punishment for bad behavior – punishment is more likely to scare and confuse most dogs!  Are you ready for your dog become a BrilliantPad dog?  Let’s get to it!

Here is an overview of our approach to training: 

Step 1: ACCEPT

We know you will be excited to put your pup on BrilliantPad, but DO NOT immediately set your dog on top of the machine. Instead, let your dog get comfortable around BrilliantPad!

See how your dog reacts to BrilliantPad. Some dogs run right up, sniff and maybe even step onto the platform. Other dogs may be scared or apprehensive of new objects in the home.

If your dog is scared or nervous around BrilliantPad, be patient. Don’t force it. If your dog Is really scared it may be necessary to cover the entire machine with a towel. If your pup remains scared, put it away for a few days and give your dog a chance to reset. Then try again a few days later.

The first step is to give your dog as much time as necessary to get completely comfortable around BrilliantPad. This can happen immediately or take a few days or even a few weeks.


Ensure your dog is comfortable around BrilliantPad before moving onto this step, which is all about encouraging your dog to explore and go onto the BrilliantPad machine platform.

Place your dog on BrilliantPad or put treats onto the platform to encourage him to explore. Remember to praise your dog when he goes on the BrilliantPad platform — even if he doesn’t potty.

Step 3: POTTY

We will explore the concepts around Step 3: POTTY next week. The specific steps depend on the age and current behavior of your dog.  In the meantime, you can review the BrilliantPad training guide.