July 13, 2017 1 min read

Indiegogo backers ask some questions about BrilliantPad over the summer. Here are answers to their questions: 

When will IGG customers receive BrilliantPad?
All Indiegogo pre-orders were shipped in August 2017.

How do I order additional rolls?
BrilliantPad rolls are sold in packages of 2, 4 or 9 rolls; and optionally you can sign-up for Auto Delivery for additional convenience and savings.

When does BrilliantPad advance the pad?
You can advance the pad manually anytime at the touch of a button or set an automatic timer.

Manual Advance: Press and hold the PAD ADVANCE button to advance pad; then release the button when you want the pad to stop advancing. You can also “double click” to advance a full pad.

Automatic Timer Advance: You can set an ADJUSTABLE TIMER to automatically advance the pad one, two or three times each day. When the automatic timer is selected, the pad will advance once every 24, 12 or 8 hours. 

What if my dog is on the machine when the timer is set to activate?
BrilliantPad has an animal sensor and the auto timer will wait until after your dog leaves the machine before turning on the motor to advance the pad.