August 30, 2018 2 min read


It has been one year since we fulfilled our Indiegogo campaign pledges. Since then we have appeared on the hit ABC TV show Shark Tank, starred in several viral videos (see them herehere or here), and collected feedback from BrilliantPad customers.Most praise the freedom and flexibility offered by BrilliantPad as outstanding. Some wish BrilliantPad performed better. We hear you loud and clear and have been working hard to ensure BrilliantPad is a 5-star experience for everyone.

Here is a summary of some customer feedback and how we addressed it:


Faster Absorbing Rolls

We redesigned our manufacturing process to ensure new and improved BrilliantPad rolls absorb urine more quickly than our original rolls:

BrilliantPad Faster Absorbing Rolls

New and improved rolls are now shipping to all customers!


A Barrier Against Spills

Some customers experienced urine dripping over the edge of the machine and onto the floor.  Based on customer feedback we improved the BrilliantPad machine and added a small lip along the side of the platform, which is designed to minimize spills onto the floor:

BrilliantPad New Drip Lip Minimizes Spills


This new, upgraded BrilliantPad Machine is now available for sale on Any customer that purchased a BrilliantPad machine after August 1, 2018 may upgrade for free for a limited time -- just pay $20 for shipping to Continental 48 states or $40 to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. To upgrade, please email ourcustomer service team prior to September 30, 2018 with a copy of your proof of purchase.

Limit one upgrade per customer, email address, mailing address or household. Offer not valid for customers that obtained a BrilliantPad Machine with drip lip through any other offer.


Automatic Advancement after the dog leaves the platform

We are currently working on a BrilliantPad machine that advances automatically after the dog steps off the machine. We tested this new feature with twenty customers; iterated the design and tested with another twenty customers; and iterated and tested a third time. Based on customer feedback we have finally settled on how this feature will work. We will announce an upgrade offer when the new control module is available later this year.


Less Costly Rolls

We use medical-grade absorption paper to create each BrilliantPad roll and fit many pads in a light-weight, compact roll. We have been working with suppliers around the world figure out how we can offer high quality rolls at substantially lower prices. Stay tuned for a new product announcement and a BrilliantPad Ambassador Program that will offer additional discounts.  


Better Customer Service

90% of our customers describe our support reps as thoughtful, caring and helpful. However, some customers had experiences that did not meet our expectations or high standards. We have re-trained our customer support team and pledge to do better in the future.


While we will occasionally post updates on Indiegogo, to get the latest on our product releases and seasonal promotions, follow us onFacebook, Instagram, Twitter andYouTube.  


Your input is essential to helping us deliver terrific products for all of our customers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please or call us at(312) 348-7915. We are here to help you and your support is greatly appreciated!


The BrilliantPad team