August 15, 2017 1 min read

This update explains that your shipment will arrive in two boxes, you may notice BrilliantPad absorbs differently to dry faster, and this is your final chance for pre-order changes.

The first container of BrilliantPad machines arrives later this week. IGG pre-order shipments will begin next week and continue into the following week. Please note that you will receive two separate boxes—one with the machine and another with the rolls. They may even arrive on different days!

BrilliantPad absorbs differently than traditional pads. You may notice a bigger “wet spot” with BrilliantPad than with traditional pads. This is because BrilliantPad spreads out the urine more so it can dry more quickly. This results in superior absorption and odor control vs. regular pads. So, if you notice the urine spreading out more than usual, rest assured the product is working exactly as designed! discussed this in a recent review. Learn how BrilliantPad technology helps absorb waste and eliminates odors:

We can provide another 48 hours to change your order. Our warehouse gave us a few more days to lock down shipping details. Absolutely no address changes or refund requests after 6pm on August 17. Click on this link to learn how to change your shipping address on Indiegogo:

If you want a refund email help@brilliantpad.comand include your Indiegogo order number, physical mailing address and the reason you would like a refund. We will mail you a refund check promptly.

Thank you for your support! We are excited for your dogs to become BrilliantPad dogs!