Choosing A Training Plan

Choosing A Training Plan

We shared our three-step approach to training your dog to use BrilliantPad: Accept, Explore and Potty. It generally takes a few days to a few weeks to complete each training step. This effort is an investment that will make your home cleaner and smell better for both you and your dog!

Select and follow the plan that best describes the age and current potty habits of your dog.

1. Dogs that currently use pads

Put your traditional pad on BrilliantPad and reward your dog when he goes potty on the machine. Once your dog is consistently going on that pad, make the pad progressively smaller until your dog goes potty directly on BrilliantPad.

2. Training puppies when you are home during the day

Training a puppy to use BrilliantPad is no harder than training them to use traditional potty pads. Put your puppy on BrilliantPad when your puppy wakes up, finishes playing or exhibits potty behavior.

3.Training puppies when you are not home during the day

Confine your puppy to a small area with BrilliantPad and cover the surrounding floor with traditional puppy pads. Gradually remove pads until there is only one on BrilliantPad. Once your puppy consistently goes potty on that pad, reduce its size and your puppy should start going on BrilliantPad.

4. Training adult dogs that do not use pads

Use a leash to lead your dog to BrillantPad inside when it is potty time. If this doesn’t work right away, take a traditional dog pad outside, put it on the ground and, when your dog shows signs of potty behavior, use the leash to lead your dog to the pad. Praise your dog and give him treats if he successfully goes on the pad. Repeat until your dog is OK going on the pad outside and then bring the pad indoors and put it on BrilliantPad. Lead your dog by the leash to the machine (with a pad on the platform) until he is used to going on the pad, then remove it and your dog should start going on BrilliantPad.