December 13, 2019 3 min read

BrilliantPad is dedicated to improving our customer’s lives and products. That is why we developedsecond-generation replacement rolls with lower prices and improved performance, namely easier installation, faster absorption and less plastic.

We test our products rigorously, and yet we missed something! A small percentage of new, second-generation rolls with paper tubes and clear caps were not manufactured to our high quality standards. Some customers reported issues with the caps or paper rolls. So, we investigated and identified the source of the problem. The manufacturing process was corrected and customers that have used rolls from the second production run indicate the caps are fixed, the rolls don’t stick and absorption is much faster than the original rolls. 

While most customers did not experience any of these problems, we want all of our customers to have afive-star experience with our products. So, we sent two free rolls to every customer that purchased rolls from the first batch of production.

If you were happy with the performance of your next-gen rolls, consider this free shipment as a holiday gift and a “Thank you!” for being our customer. If you have more than two rolls with the paper tubes and clear caps, please contact us for a convenient exchange.

We aim to offer products and customer service experiences that set the standard for the industry. When we make a mistake we own up to it. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions on how we can do better,please email or call us -- our phone number is (312) 348-7915.

Thank you for your continued support,


BrilliantPad Founder

Alan Cook



What rolls are affected?

A small portion of new rolls with paper tubes and clear caps made during the first production run may have issues with the clear caps or the paper rolls. These were packaged in a color bag with UPC = 851136008053, SKU = NR2R and shipped prior to December 6, 2019

This does not apply to original rolls with plastic rods and caps or new rolls with paper tubes and clear caps made in the second production run or later, which are packaged in a white bag with UPC = 851136008145, SKU = NR2B and shipped after December 9, 2019.

Do all rolls from the first production run have a problem?

No, most of the new rolls are fine, but we are taking this action to ensure that all of our customers have a five-star experience. If you are happy with your rolls continue using them!

How do I get free rolls?

We have already shipped a two-pack of corrected rolls to every customer that received a shipment from the affected production run -- even customers that did not report a problem.

What if I have more than two rolls from the first production run?

Customers with more than two new rolls with paper tubes and clear caps in a color bag can choose to use them or arrange a convenient exchange. Call 312-348-7915 or and we will sort you out. 

What’s the fine print?

• Customers with four or more of the affected new rolls shipped prior to December 6, 2019 who wish to replace them should contact BrilliantPad to arrange a convenient exchange.

• BrilliantPad will only provide one further shipment of extra rolls. 

• All new rolls exchange requests must be received before January 30, 2020. 

• If the customer purchased one two-pack of new rolls, he or she was shipped two free replacement rolls and will not be entitled to any more free replacement rolls. 

• This offer does not apply to DR2, DR4 or DR9.

• This offer does not apply to NR2, NR4 or NR8 shipped after December 9, 2019.