August 09, 2019 2 min read

As an indoor pet potty solution, BrilliantPad allows small dogs or puppies the opportunity to relieve themselves in between walks or when inside for longer periods throughout the day. However, when you as the pet parent are home, we strongly encourage setting aside time each day for playtime and outdoor strolls with your pet. Humans are not the only species who need and benefit from regular daily exercise. Our furry friends need to get out to breathe in the fresh air and stretch their little (or big) legs too! Just forty-five minutes a day walking with your pet can provide numerous benefits. We’ve compiled a few to make note of and welcome your comments as to how exercise and playtime with your pet has improved both of your lives. 


#1 – Strengthen Your Bond

Spending time with your pups is a necessary part of creating a connection and trust between both of you. This time because something you both look forward to in your days. Walking together will promote a strong bond, mind, and body!

#2 – Build Trust

Regular walks together build confidence and trust that your pet may be lacking. Performing this routine alongside you and being exposed to new places, other people and animals will help them become more comfortable outside of the home.

#3 – Keeps Pets (and You!) Healthy

This one is a no-brainer. We all need exercise! For your pet, regular walks will promote a healthy weight, heart, and keep joints limber.

#4 – Promotes Better Digestive System

As a pet parent, you know that our fur babies may have times when constipation or bowel movements are not in their favor. Keeping your pet on a good walking schedule will aid in keeping their digestive system on track.

#5 – Less Destructive Behavior

We may not be able to promise a shoe or sock won’t fall victim to Fido every now and again, but we can assure you those time will be much less frequent. Regular walks and playtime with your pet can reduce or eliminate the destructive behavior we often observe due to lack of exercise or attention. Providing our pets with a constructive activity alleviates the desire to act out.