September 11, 2020 2 min read

Since releasing BrilliantPad Smart in July, the positive feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming; pet parents LOVE BrilliantPad Smart! What makes the SMART machine even more brilliant? Here are the main reasons direct from customers that have been testing and using the product since this winter.


BrilliantPad Smart offers more settings.


“It’s nice to have the app because I can do it remotely. I don’t have to be at the device anymore. If I had to go down there 4 times a day to press a button [to advance the machine] it would be more difficult.”  
- Rocco 



The main upgrade that sets BrilliantPad Smart apart from the 2.0 machines is the ability to pair with the BrilliantPad companion app. This allows you to have complete, remote control of your machine to do things like: 

  • Look in on your dog’s waste
  • Log your dog’s potty patterns with corresponding pictures
  • Advance the pad anytime from anywhere
  • Track roll usage and order replacements


BrilliantPad allows me to keep a closer eye on my pet’s health.


“My dog was sick and I didn’t know he was sick. The machine said he was going more often.” 
- Paola 


BrilliantPad Smart keeps a log of your dog’s potty patterns including when and how often then go #1 and #2, and will alert you if your dog is going more or less often than usual. The ‘Look In” feature allows you to keep an eye on your dog’s waste so you can know exactly when and what kind of health issues your dog is experiencing. 


BrilliantPad makes caring for my dog easier. 


“When we leave to take a few days vacation, it’s nice to set it on the automatic roll up so [our pet sitter] doesn’t have to walk in and deal with the situation...With the SMART pad, we see right there on the app that [our dog] did something, we get the notification, roll it right up, and it’s good!”
 - Lamar


BrilliantPad Smart makes the BrilliantPad experience even easier and convenient.