March 04, 2019 2 min read

While we show our pets nothing but endless love and affection, unfortunately, there are other animals out there that are lacking such attention. National Justice for Animals Week as been taking place all week long, and as it comes to a close, BrilliantPad is determined to help be part of the ongoing battle against animal abuse.

National Justice for Animals Week is an annual event put on by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. This organization, founded in 1979, is dedicated to protecting the rights of animals across the nation. They fight for the enforcement of anti-cruelty and work to educate the masses on proper care for animals. While our BrilliantPad pups tend to be members of a family, the Animal Legal Defense Fund looks out for animals used in research, captive animals, livestock, and wildlife.

Here are some tips to help do your part for National Justice for Animals Week and beyond:

  • Stay informed – Research and learn about the current laws regarding animal rights and protection and keep up-to-date with current legislations and court proceedings regarding animal cruelty cases. Reach out with letters to your local representatives to help push for stricter enforcement of these laws, if you are able.
  • Don’t shop, adopt – If you’re looking for a new furry friend, cruise the local animal shelters and humane societies.
  • Volunteer – It seems that there is never a shortage of work to be done, so look into volunteering through local animal organizations. Even something as simple as taking shelters dogs for a daily walk or run can make a huge difference.

To learn more about National Justice for Animals Week, visit the Animal Legal Defense Fund website.