BrilliantPad Smart

BrilliantPad is the world's first self-cleaning dog potty that handles #1 and #2 and wraps and seals waste to keep your home clean and odor free. BrilliantPad Smart adds dog-activated modes of automatic operation, a camera for waste analysis and health insights, and WiFi and app connectivity for remote control and operation. 

Ships next business day. 

Fully automatic operation, a healthier pet and a cleaner home. 


Companion App keeps you informed with usage notifications and lets you remotely control your BrilliantPad machine. The system alerts you to changes in usage frequency and highlights low pad supply. 

BrilliantPad Smart Dog Detected Advance Dog Activated Advance lets you set BrilliantPad to clean after your dog steps off the machine, or select how many visits are required before replacing the pad.  

Health Alerts flag changes in waste, frequency and maintains a photo journal for review with your veterinarian.  BrilliantPad Smart aims to prevent small issues from becoming larger problems.

BrilliantPad Smart Timer Smart Timers Create a schedule to clean when you want, or advance anytime from the Companion App or Machine.

More Economical  BrilliantPad Smart lets you tailor auto-advance settings to the preferences of you and your dog to reduce pad usage.

BrilliantPad Rolls Better for Environment Better for the Environment New roll design uses 80% less plastic with a biodegradable core recyclable end-caps.

Roll Replenishment

BrilliantPad Roll Replacement Roll Usage Detection BrilliantPad monitors the pad level in the machine, tracks your roll supply at home and auto-delivers when you need it.

BrilliantPad Points Program Save 40% on Replacement Rolls With BrilliantPad Subscribe & Save and Rewards Programs, you can save up to 40% on replacement rolls.

Is Brilliant Pad Right for you?


Machine Specs

  • App requires Apple iOS or Android smart phone or device. Machine requires 2.4 GHZ Wifi networks.
  • Machine measures 34"x24"x6".
  • Dog Area measures 24"x23" with 2" step up height.
  • Designed for dogs under 25 pounds that currently use pads.
  • Not recommended for adult dogs that are not currently using pads
  • Senior dogs require significant training.

Shipping & Warranty

  • Free shipping in Continental USA.
  • $20 for shipping to HI, AK and Canada.
  • $60 Shipping to EU, UK & Australia.
  • 1 year limited warranty

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Roxanne A.
United States United States
Great Product

We are away from our fur babies the entire day, and the Brilliant Pad ensures that they always have a place to relieve themselves. I love that I can look in and see how soiled the pad is, and can advance the pad if needed. Our two little ones took to it right away!

A BrilliantPad Customer
Jonathan S.
United States United States

My puppy Max learned how to use it right away and loves to go on it. He runs over to us after he makes and pounces on us to let us know that he made so he can get a treat

United States United States
Love & Hate Relationship

These are the Pros: It has a camera on it so it senses when your pet gets up on it and uses the *****. It has a free app you download and it alerts you when your pet “enters” and “exits” the pad. It takes a picture each time and it has a daily log that you can look at the picture and select what you see. (Pet, ***, ****, and health issue) you can even add your own notes to each picture. You can also set it to automatically advance the pad after so many pet visits. Or you can advance it yourself from the button on the side or from the app. SO NO MORE HAVING TO GRAB THAT **** BAG OR TOLIET PAPER TO FLUSH THE POO THAT SMELLS SO BAD!!! This locks the smell in once it advances the pad. THE CORNER OF THIS HOUSE HAS NEVER SMELT BETTER! It lets you know how many pads you have left until you need to refill again. These are the CONS & why I only gave it 4 stars: FIRST, The hardest thing I’ve ever had to set up with our Wi-Fi!!! You have to have your Wi-Fi set to a 2.4 GHz network and NO your “SmartSteering” can NOT be enabled where it automatically switches from a 2.4 to a 5.0 when it needs to! You have to disable this feature. It took me 3 days, none of the devices working while connected to Wi-Fi, having to RECONNECT EVERY device in the house to Wi-Fi again with that fun non-memorable password, and 100 router resets to figure out how to get the Wi-Fi to only a 2.4 GHz for a 1 minute connection process! At one point I thought I had completely broken the whole modem and internet itself. BUT after you finally get it connected then you can enable your SmartSteering again. SECOND, I bought the bundle, which comes with the training sprays, and I almost threw up when I sprayed the “Go Here” training spray on the pad. It is the WORST smell I have ever smelt and for a living I test and handle human body fluids/Stool!! When My pet smelled it, he coughed, cried, and ran away!! But once I advanced the pad to a new one he instantly knew what to do. THIRD, I will say since he is a male dog he wont always *** in the center of the pad so sometimes he does “miss” and *** will get on the floor. So I do wish they made something to put on one of the sides to keep the *** from spraying the floor. I know maybe one grass pad model has this. In my opinion it’s worth the money once you get it all set up correctly. I think that’s all I have to say about it. So maybe in the future I will get another one for a separate part of the house.

BrilliantPad BrilliantPad Smart Review
United States United States
Works great

I love this product and so does my dog. This is a Godsend for both of us and couldn't be any easier

United States United States
Brilliant Pad

A little difficulty connecting to wifi. Had to call my internet provider at problem solved. Easy to install and rolls smoothly so far. Glad I don’t have to keep picking up feces and 1 of my dogs took to it right away.

Points Program