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Brilliant Pad Machine

BrilliantPad is the world's first self-cleaning dog potty that handles #1 and #2 and wraps and seals waste to keep your home clean and odor free. Adjustable timer automatically replaces a dirty pad with a clean, fresh one. Or advance the pad anytime at the touch of a button. Messy and smelly is replaced with clean and fresh. Regular dog pads just don’t do that!
    • Long lasting roll is hands free for days or weeks at a time.
    • Adjustable timer automatically advances pad 1, 2 or 3 times a day.
    • Animal sensor ensures timer will not activate with dog on machine. 
    • Manually advance pad anytime at the touch of a button.
    • No batteries needed. Connects to electric outlet.
    • Machine measures 34" x 24" x 6" and weighs 10 pounds.
    • Pad area about 24" x 23". Step-up height is approximately 2 inches.  
    • BrilliantPad:
 is recommended for dogs under 25 lbs that use pads or when training puppies.
  is not recommended for adult dogs that do not currently use pads.  Senior dogs may require a significant training effort.

Is BrilliantPad Right for you and your pup?


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Mariah C.

Great product

Honestly, this product is better than I thought. Super easy to clean and manage. It is a life saver for me. In the end I am spending less with the brilliant pad than I was with just puppy pads and a kennel. I still have my BrilliantPad and I still buy rolls today.

A BrilliantPad Customer
Emily P.
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Fantastic product. Have been recommending, and will continue to recommend, to all family and friends. Wish we bought it sooner, but so happy to have it now.

Emily P. verified customer review of BrilliantPad RollEmily P. verified customer review of BrilliantPad Roll
William N.

Great Time Saving Product

I have a 5 lb Yorkie and live in an apartment. I have always use pads. They were very messy when trying to dispose of them. Tough to get into a garbage bag without getting your hands messy. I purchased this product over a year ago. It took me 10 minutes to train my dog to use. What's great is I don't have to touch anything. I wish it came with a remote control. I would recommend this product to anyone with a smaller dog.


Great Product

I have a six year old Cavapoo that’s 17lbs and we recently brought the BrilliantPad because my wife and I recently moved and we have long commutes to work that leave Bella in the house for longer than what she can hold off potting. I will say it took over a month to train Bella to use the BrilliantPad but staying somewhat consistent and persistent worked. Bella was originally trained to ring a bell to let us know she needed to go outside to ***** and she was never pad trained so the idea of using the pad was foreign to her but she got it eventually. Bella is very food motivated so anytime she used the BrilliantPad we rewarded her with a treat. I do have a couple of suggestions. It would help and save your customers money if an automatic sensor was integrated so that every time the BrilliantPad is used the roll automatically advances. Also instead of an automatic daily advance the sensor should be adjustable to a minimum time the dog should be on the pad before it advances example 10, 15, 20 seconds. I would like to get a Rottweiler now that we have a bigger space so it would also be nice if you guys made bigger models for bigger dogs.



The Brilliant Pad has turned out to be everything that I was looking for. I have two small dog under 7lbs who are home alone 8 hrs a day. I live in a condo on a second floor with no easy access to the outdoors. They were trained on indoor ***** grass. I had a hard time reducing the horrible odor and I had to clean the grass often. Now with Brilliant Pad, I don’t have a terrible aroma and I do not have to clean up- just push a button! It’s such a relief. It only took two days to train them. The paper absorbs liquid well too:) I would recommend this product to anyone who has small dogs, who are away long periods throughout the day, who live high in a building, who is handicap & cant get out quickly to let the dogs relieve themselves, or anyone who does not have a doggie door or a yard. It’s an awesome invention!!! Thank you:)

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