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Product Description:

Equivalent to 27 pads so BrilliantPad is hands-off for days or weeks at a time. Extraordinarily thin yet durable and highly absorbent. Plastic barrier film protects machine and seals waste to lock away odor. Super absorbent polymer in middle holds three cups of urine per pad. Non-woven spun-bond top sheet resists tearing. Each roll comes with biodegradable take-up rod and end-caps to work with BrilliantPad machine and make clean-up easy.


Our new and improved construction has rapid absorption of liquids. This minimize the incidence of tracking & pooling


With 27 pads per roll, BrilliantPad is hands-free for days or weeks at a time. Roll selection and timer advanced frequency will determine how long a roll will last.

  • 4 weeks of use at 1 pad advance per day
  • 3 weeks of use at 2 pad advances per day
  • 2 weeks at 3 pad advances per day


When the roll is used up, simply lift and toss out the entire roll.  Lab tests show the material breaks down over 75% in one year according to ASTM Standard D-5511. So you don't have to feel quality about throwing the rolls away after use. 


BrilliantPad wraps and seals in solid and liquid waste inside the roll as it automatically advances to provide a new clean pad. When the roll is finished simply remove and replace. You never have to touch waste since the outside remains dry and your hands remain clean.


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