Free offer for AKC Breeders.

BrilliantPad delivers automated, mess-free clean-up to help breeders save time and increase referrals.For a limited time, 100 qualified AKC breeders can register for a FREE BrilliantPad system.

Stop getting your hands dirty with messy pads.

Traditional pads are messy, and they increase the risk of parasitic infections and can get expensive when you’re caring for multiple dogs. You’re busy and have better things to do than clean up poop all day! Now there's a better, less smelly way.

Mess-free clean up at the touch of a button.

BrilliantPad helps you ditch the mop and automates the clean-up process by:

  • Wrapping and sealing waste.
  • Locking-in foul odor
  • Providing fast and easy disposal.

Use BrilliantPad in your whelping pen and you will never touch soiled pads again!

Critical health insights at your finger tips.

The BrilliantPad Smart app lets you roll the pad remotely and makes it easy for your clients to stay on top of your puppies’ health after they go home:

  • Photo journal logs each potty event.
  • PoopAI™ flags dehydrated or soft stool.
  • Health alerts call attention to changes in potty frequency and waste consistency.

Stay informed and take early action to keep dogs healthy throughout their entire life.

Differentiate your pups from the competition and get more referrals

Puppies that use BrilliantPad in the whelping pen go home already having started the potty-training process, which lets you enjoy more referrals for your business.

Market house-trained puppies to your clients and increase your profit per dog.

BrilliantPad saves AKC breeders time and money

Meg Hennesy is a firm believer in BrilliantPad

No more laying down old fashioned piddle pads, which the pups would grab and pull. Plus the regular pads and newspaper would fill up my trash every day. Now I just lift out the used BrilliantPad roll and put it in the trash once every few days. BrilliantPad saves me time and eliminates the mess.

Amy Powell cleans up at the touch of a button

BrilliantPad is a real time-saver and makes clean-up a breeze. With the press of a button, the waste goes inside the roll, and it’s completely clean odor-free! BrilliantPad has really changed my life.

Karen Dennehy like a hygienic whelping area

BrilliantPad is wonderful and helps our puppies’ environment stay clean. This eliminates worry about transferring parasites or picking up bacterial infections. BrilliantPad is absolutely fabulous for any breeding environment.

Cleaner is better. Try BrilliantPad for FREE

Breed dogs under 25 lbs?

Willing to share your candid feedback with us? Sign up for a FREE BrilliantPad system:

  • BrilliantPad Smart indoor potty with WiFi, Camera and App
  • First roll + 8 extra rolls = 9 rolls total
  • Three-training sprays

This is everything needed for one litter of puppies. Free offer limited to 100 qualified breeders.

See signup page for complete details.

What happens next?

Most breeders can't imagine going back to the old way of cleaning after using BrilliantPad. They strongly recommend BrilliantPad to their clients and other breeders, and there are oportunities to earn commissions, discounts and free supplies.

Free offer not contingent on future participation. 

Have larger dogs?

Even Mastiff breeders can use BrilliantPad to keep their whelping pens clean!Take advantage of an exclusive offer for a Breeder Starter Kit featuring BrilliantPad Smart with WiFi, camera and app, 8 replacement rolls (get 9 total) and 3 training and cleaning sprays:

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AKC Breeder Price: $197