BrilliantPad significantly improves my breeding program.

My puppies go home potty trained, and I encourage all of my adopting families to use BrilliantPad at home.
-- Jaki Owen, iHavaneese and AKC Champion Breeder
For small breeds under 25 lbs (12 kg) when fully grown
"Basically like a pee pad from an episode of The Jetsons."
-- Buzzfeed
"Soaks up liquid and seals away waste to eliminate mess."
-- Mashable
"Cleans up your dog's poo! Woo hoo!"  
-- The Heavy

BrilliantPad transforms breeder operations

Save Time and Money
Rolls away mess so you spend less time cleaning, less money on cleaning supplies, and less on trash removal.
Clean Environment
Eliminates odor, reduces coprophagia and cuts down on parasites for healthier, more hygienic whelping pens.
Strengthen Business
Allows breeders to differentiate brood, reduce stress at home and increase adoption value and referrals.

BrilliantPad lets me clean up after the puppies in a very efficient manner. I love the fact that I don't have to take apart the whelping pen and mop the floor. I just push a button for a clean pad.

King Charles Cavaliers

BrilliantPad fosters potty training success and makes going home less stressful

Encouraging clients to have BrilliantPad ready to roll sets everyone up for potty training success and eliminates the biggest stress associated with the forever home transition. BrilliantPad expedites potty training, promotes freedom and independence, and offers very easy clean-up.

● Pre-trained pups adapt fast
● They know what to do!
● Anytime relief
● Paws-activated refresh
● Seals waste for disposal
● Clean, fast and easy

BrilliantPad lets me clean up after the puppies in a very efficient manner. I start my puppies on BrilliantPad as soon as they walk, and when my puppies go home they are potty trained.

I recommend that new parents get their own BrilliantPad for continued potty training success. BrilliantPad works better than everything else I’ve tried.


BrilliantPad helps dogs stay comfortable and healthy

Always Available
Lets dogs go potty anytime day or night.
Less Cleaning
Rolls up waste and seals in odor for hands-free clean.
Better Health
App shows waste and highlights important changes to help parents monitor pet health.

BrilliantPad is a wonderful product.

Since our puppies are clean, we are not worried about parasites or bacterial infections.

BrilliantPad is fabulous for any breeding environment.

KAREN DENNEHY, SMALL WORLD PUPPIES Yorkshire Terriers and Cavalier King Charles

Much more than a one-touch potty, BrilliantPad is Brilliant!

The free BrilliantPad App encourages pet parents to pay close attention to waste appearance and potty frequency. PoopAI™ tags stool that appears dehydrated or soft, and sends user alerts when their dog may be sick. Currently in beta testing, BrilliantPad PoopAI™ continues to grow its capabilities and helps pet parents proactitvely monitor their dogs health and well being.

Get Notifcations when dog goes potty on BrilliantPad.
Photo Journal logs each visit and potty event.
Health Alerts flag unhealthy waste or changes in potty frequency.
Share concerning photos with vet or family members.

Since adding BrilliantPad to my breeding operation, I get to spend more time loving and training my puppies.

BrilliantPad minimizes cleaning, reduces odor and saves me money on cleaning supplies.

BrilliantPad has been a life changing addition to my breeding program!


Get FREE BrilliantPad in exchange for your candid feedback

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The free AKC BrilliantPad Bundle is valued at more than $400 and includes:
• BrilliantPad Smart with WiFi, Camera and app
• 8-pack of additional pad rolls
• Three-spray training kit.

This includes everything needed to potty-train a litter of puppies.

Offer Details


  • Breeders of small dogs that are less than 25 pounds when fully grown
  • Currently active and will place 8 or more puppies in the next 12 months
  • Will use BrilliantPad with a litter on the ground or expected in next 45 days
  • Committed to providing regular and candid feedback
  • Has not received free BrilliantPad products in the last twelve months

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• BrilliantPad Smart with WiFi, Camera and App
• 8-pack of additional pad rolls
• Three-spray training kit.

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