Training your dog on BrilliantPad means your dog always has a clean place to go potty, day or night. The app features programable pad changing modes and helps keep tabs on your dogs behavior patterns with alerts when changes occur. Clean up is quick, mess-free and more sanitary than regular pads. Just remove the used roll and replace with a new one.

No mess. No stress.

  • Training support
  • Excellent odor-control
  • More sanitary
  • Health monitoring
  • Programmable pad changing

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1 of 3: How it works

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Summary of how it works video::

  • Dog goes potty
  • informs you of potty activity
  • Rolls up the mess
  • Reduces odor, always clean
  • Pad is hands off for days
  • Then replacing soiled pad roll is fast, easy and clean

The future is cruelty free

We praise them for holding it all day...but could you? Training your dog to use BrilliantPad means no “waiting or holding” for them. Your dog is healthier and walks are more enjoyable.

Superior odor control

The pad roll material dries solids and liquids, coupled with a unique design to trap odors for a fresher, cleaner environment.

Something about health

Life long pals

Use BrilliantPad to potty train and beyond. The sturdy design allows for your dogs’ lifetime use.

App drill down (see below)

Stress free everyday
Use • Enjoy • Refresh

What people are saying about BrilliantPad

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Stories to consider

1. Dog always has a clean and safe place to go

  • Never get uncomfortable holding it in
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Consistent potty spot

2. More hygienic than regular pads, sidewalks and most dog parks

Traditional pads are messy, and they can increase the risk of parasitic infections. With BrilliantPad there is less:

  • Bacteria, parasites and coprophagia.
  • No coyotes, no predators.
  • Great option for dogs with allergies to grass, fleas or outdoor aliments
  • Don’t have to worry about pathogens, monkeypox,

3. Keeps you informed and tells you what's happening

  • Usage alerts with pad photos, summary stats and analysis
  • Remote look-in and pad advance
  • Searchable log records each potty event
  • Share photos of pad and stool with vet and loved ones

4. Protects your dog's health. Knowledge is power

  • Helps you pay closer attention. May see something you wouldn’t notice.
  • Informs you of potential problems and empowers you to take action.
  • Rewind time so you can when something started and how you got here.
  1. It’s like a DVR for your pet’s poop.
  2. Focuses trouble shooting to saves you time and money
  • Early intervention to avoid bigger issues.

  • 5. Better than regular pads. Cleaner than other indoor potties

    • Saves floor and restores living room.
    • No more spreading out multiple pads.
    • No more coming home to a pad disaster.

    6. Rolls after use. Keeps home clean and smelling fresh.

    • Look ma, no hands!
    • Hands only touch clean surfaces during disposal. Disposal is fast, easy and clean.
    • We handle the dirty bits so you don’t have to. Less time cleaning for more time cuddling.

    7. Avoids the dangers of extreme weather

    • No matter heat, monsoon or snow, Fido always has a safe place to go
    • We can’t predict when a storm will hit, but BP ensures you will be ready

    8. BrilliantPad is always there. Even when you are not.

    • Frees you from schedule rigidity.
    • Restores flexibility into your daily life.  
    • While you are away Fido has a clean spot all day
    • One less thing to be anxious about
    • Lessens everyone’s stress and anxiety  

    9. Makes outdoor time more enjoyable.

    • Touch less waste.
    • No more mad dash. Lessens everyone’s stress and anxiety
    • Do you enjoy picking up poop on your doggy walks?
    • Do you enjoy picking up poop in your yard?

    10. Makes travel easier

    • Always have a familiar place to go at a hotel or friend’s house.
    • Road trips are the best.
    • Boat, RV, camper, etc.

    11. Multi-dog friendly

    12. Enables pet ownership despite limited mobility or outdoor access

    13. Supports inside and outside potty activity --> article?

    • Important for dogs to go outside to exercise, socialize, etc.
    • But who wants to pick up poop?
    • Makes outdoor time more fun

    14. A lifelong solution. Not just for puppies. Use for their entire life

    • Comfort: How would you feel if you could only go to the bathroom at certain times?

    • Convenience: When the weather is bad, someone is sick, etc. (Who want to pick up the poop?)

    • Better Health — A picture is worth 1000 words

      • See if sick, may miss when outside

      • Intervene early and be proactive before small issue becomes bigger problem

      • Promote health, happiness and longer life

    Peace of mind… saving time… less anxiety

    Use BP upon arrival home, use BP as the puppy grows up, use BP throughout life.

    “We are your buddy for life”


    App Technology Summary

    Consolidate features and then write out a sentence for each item here:

    1. Look-in and control
    2. Setting automatic advance options
    3. Health logs, charts and photo sharing
    • Look in and advance pad
    • Usage alerts with photo
    • Photo journal
    • Trend analysis
    • Stool evaluation with health alerts
    • Photo sharing with vet and loved ones
    • Remote look in to see pad condition
    • Roll remaining
    • Rolls at home and auto rebuy
    • Personalize system response
      • advance after x visits
      • advance at x-time on x-days
      • advance when soiled with pee or poop
      • advance full sheet or partial sheet

    Health insights at your finger tips

    The BrilliantPad Smart app notifies you anytime your pup goes potty and lets you roll the pad remotely. Stay informed and protect your dog's health for their entire life:

    • Photo journal logs each potty event.
    • PoopAI™ flags dehydrated or soft stool.
    • Health alerts call attention to changes in potty frequency and waste consistency.

    Be proactive. Review with your vet. Keep your pet healthy with BrilliantPad.

    Train like a champ

    Just a few minutes...
    several times a day...
    for a few weeks.

    You can do it and we will help you succeed.  

    Put BrilliantPad in the same place as your regular pad, and put your old pad on top of BrilliantPad. Then progresively fold the pad smaller until your dog goes directly on BrilliantPad. Rememeber, it make take some time for your dog to transition to something new. Be patent and stick with it. You can train your dog to be BrilliantPad dog within a few days or weeks.

    House trainng a puppy to use BrilliantPad is no harder than other forms of training. Set up a confirment area and put your dog on BrilliantPad when he wakes up; 10 to 15 minutes after eating, drinking or play; anytime you see him sniffing and circling and before before bed. Clean up accidents promptly and remain patient, stay positive and avoid punishment.

    Want a puppy that is already house-training? We BrilliantPad can put you in touch with ___ breeders that have done the hard work for you!

    Is your dog nervous or anxious? We suggest a few additional trianing tips. Transitioning from grass patches? We have a program for that. Trying to use BrilliantPad with an adult dog that is NOT currently using pads? Well, this is really hard. While it's doable, we don't recommend you tackle this without expert guidance. See our Training Center for more information.