The Environment

Brilliant Pad is convenient and Responsible

Material Efficiency

BrilliantPad is surprisingly thin. We accomplish this by skipping the fluff that goes into a regular pad. This makes BrilliantPad 80% thinner and uses 33% less material than a regular pad.

Less material = less waste! 

Biodegradable Plastics

BrilliantPad keeps your hands clean and you can discard the entire roll, including the rod and end caps, without any guilt.

The take up rod and end-caps are treated with EcoPure® to biodegrade in most landfills.

Smart Power

BrilliantPad uses a low-voltage auto-switching power supply that is safe for animals and minimizes power consumption. 

Class VI Standards are the most stringent in the world. 

More efficient than older power supplies. 

Points Program