Game-Changer for Home Breeders

Reduce daily cleaning labor
Clean pad anytime, from anywhere
Remove waste away from puppies
Maintain clean, odor-free home
Present potty-trained pups to happy pet parents

Why Join Our Breeders Club?

Start with free BrilliantPad - no risk trial
Enjoy exclusive member discounts
Earn $25 per machine refferal - no limits

Here's How You Join

1. Submit application
2. Wait for review
3. Schedule onboarding upon approval

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How does BrilliantPad work?

Put BrilliantPad into your whelping pen when puppies begin to move around independently.

Puppies will potty on it just like a regular puppy pad.

Manually clean BrilliantPad with the push of button or remotely through our phone app. Set automatic cleanings with dog activated or scheduled options.

BrilliantPad wraps waste and seals it away from the litter

Disposal is quick, easy and mess-free. Simply remove used pad roll and toss it in trash.

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How often do I have to empty the waste?

1 roll is equivalent to around 21 disposable potty pads:
• advance 1x/day, replace every 3 weeks
• advance 2x/day, replace every 10 days
• advance 3x/day, replace 7 days

What is the difference between Basic and Smart machines?

BrilliantPad Basic (DM120) has an adjustable timer that can automatically advance the pad 1, 2 or 3 times a day. Pad can also be manually advanced with the press of a button.

BrilliantPad Smart (DM200) adds WiFi, camera and an app that tracks usage. It allows multiple pad advance options like dog-activated auto-advance, programable scheduling and remote look-in and advance.

Both machines are 34" x 24" in dimension.

What size dog can use BrilliantPad?

BrilliantPad is designed for puppies and adult dogs under 25 lbs.

How many rolls will I need for my litter?

One BrilliantPad roll is good for 21 advances. Most breeders pre-order an 8-Pack of Roll Refill. Actual usage may vary, but here's a helpful planning guide:

What are the benefits of joining the Breeders Club?

Enjoy a no-risk trial. All members will receive a free BrilliantPad Smart machine upon approval.

Breeder Club members have access to special replacement roll and supplies discounts.

Refer BrilliantPad to puppy parents and they'll get $25 off while you earn $25 with the purchase of each BrilliantPad machine. Redeem through product vouchers or commission payouts. There's no limit to your BrilliantPad referral income!

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