Superior Pad Performance

Brilliant Pad self-cleaning puppy pad

Never see, touch or smell dog waste again

How BrilliantPad Works

Brilliant Pad Handles #1 & #2

Highly absorbent BrilliantPad soaks up 3 cups of #1 and dries out #2s on contact.  Our pad's bottom layer barrier film keeps the machine's platform clean & dry while also serving to seal waste between it's odor-locking layers.

DIrty is sealed away & Replaced with Clean

BrilliantPad's adjustable timer automatically replaces a dirty pad with a clean, fresh one.  You can also advance the pad at anytime with the touch of a button. Messy and smelly is sealed away and replaced with clean and fresh.  Regular pads just don’t do that!

Brilliant Pad is Hands Free for Weeks at a Time

When your BrilliantPad roll has run out, replacing it is quick & convenient. The entire BrilliantPad roll is biodegradable, so when it is at its end, simply remove and toss in the garbage.  All of the waste is confined to the roll so everything messy stays inside while the outside remains clean and dry.

Bigger Job. Same Space.

Brilliant Pad is a little larger than regular pads and can fit practically anywhere in your home

Where will you put your Brilliant Pad?

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Will My Dog Use Brilliant Pad?

Transitioning dogs from regular pads to using BrilliantPad is fairly straightforward. Training a puppy to use BrilliantPad is no harder than training a puppy to use typical puppy pads. We provide free online training help and personalized training plans developed by university based veterinarians and animal behaviorists to help your dog become a BrilliantPad dog.

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BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning Puppy Pad

* BrilliantPad is the world's first self-cleaning dog potty that handles #1 & #2

* BrilliantPad wraps & seals waste to keep your home clean and odor free. 

* An adjustable timer automatically replaces a dirty pad with a clean, fresh one.

* Messy and smelly is replaced with clean and fresh. 

* For dogs under 25 lbs that use pads or when training puppies.

* Long lasting roll (equal to 27 regular pads) is hands free for days or weeks at a time.

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