The smart indoor potty

Automates clean-up, reduces odor andprotects your small dog's health.

Brilliant Pad impressed the Sharks:

"I'm Impressed! Much less odor than I expected!"      - Kevin O'Leary, Shark Tank season 9, episode 9

Ditch dirty, smelly pads for good

No matter how much you love your dog, no one likes touching used puppy pads. Train your dog to use BrilliantPad and automate clean-up from your phone. You'll never touch soiled pads again.

Always clean and fresh

BrilliantPad senses when your dog goes potty and can automatically replace the pad with a fresh one. Or look-in via the app and advance the pad yourself. No matter how you personlize the settings, Fido will always have a clean spot to go.

Critical health insights at your finger tips

Your pup isn't just a pet, they're family. Our app helps you keep dogs healthy throughout their entire life. Here's how:

  • Photo journallogs photo each potty event.
  • PoopAI™flags dehydrated or soft stool.
  • Health alertscall attention to changes in potty frequency and waste consistency.

Reduce pet odor in your home

You're a dog lover, but you don't want your house to smell like poop! BrilliantPad wraps waste and locks away odor to keep your home smelling clean and fresh.

Reg: $249.99 Sale: $189.99(Save 24%)

BrilliantPad's smart, automatic dog potty ensures your pup always has a clean place to go. It advances clean pads and provides you with critical health insights.

WiFi connectivity, camera and an app let you know when your pup goes potty; lets you see and replace the pad remotely; adjust exactly when the pad advances automatically; and helps you montior your pet's health.

A healthier alternative to traditional pads  

Regular pads and other indoor dog potties carry the risk of parasites and other dangerous infections. BrilliantPad can advance a fresh pad automatically so your pup always has a clean place to go.


BrilliantPad works with puppies and adults. After a little training, dogs can use BrilliantPad througout their entire life, not just their puppy years.

Smart Advance

Personalize when BrilliantPad replaces the pad automatically and economize pad usage. Set BrilliantPad to clean after each use, after several vists, on certain days and times, and more.

Clean disposal

Replacing a soiled roll is fast, easy and clean. Everything dirty is wrapped inside and hands only touch clean surfaces.

Teach your dog to use BrilliantPad

While our pads are automated, your pup is not! Training a few times each day for a few weeks will help Fido learn how to use BrilliantPad. Each session takes just a few minutes -- about as long as it takes to microwave popcorn!

New Puppy Training

Your puppy needs you to teach them what they need to know. A confinement area is a veterinarian-recommended method to help your puppy learn where to go potty.

Dogs Currently Using Pads

Transition to BrilliantPad in two easy steps. First, put their current pad on BrilliantPad. Over time, fold the pad smaller until they're 100% using BrilliantPad.

Additional Resources

Is your dog nervous? Using grass patches or another indoor potty? We can help train your dog to make BrilliantPad their potty spot.

What are customers are saying

Greatest invention ever!!!
"I am in love with this device... I have trained my 12-week old maltipoo pup to use the BrilliantPad. He is now using it on his own after 3 weeks of training when he is not taken outside. All I have to do is remove the used roll and toss it out. Thank you BrilliantPad!😊"
Latrelle M.
BrilliantPad Smart Customer
The only pad for me
"This is actually the second pad I purchased for my two mini dachshunds, and we love this! My 1 year old is still a bit stubborn with going #2 but customer service has been emailing me tips on pad training! Highly recommend."
Jessie M.
BrilliantPad Smart Customer
Brand new puppy. Brand new approach.
"We just got a small breed puppy and wanted a good in-home solution. She is ten weeks old and we are using the confinement approach from the website. It is working very well. I am very pleased with this innovative system".
Polly B.
BrilliantPad Smart Training Bundle Customer

More Questions?


Your phone will recieve a potty notifciation and you can see what your dog left behind. Replace the pad with one tap, or set BrilliantPad to advance automatically, after a certain number of visits or a schdule. The system handles #1 and #2; wraps and seals waste; and keeps your home clean and odor free. Messy and smelly is replaced with clean and fresh. Regular dog pads just don’t do that!

🐾 Where does the waste go?  Doesn't it smell?

Three systems work together to eliminate most odor. The motor wraps and seals the soiled pad, including both liquids and solids. A barrier lining under each pad provides odor defense #1; the roll ends are capped for odor defense #2; and the entire waste compartment is closed and locked to limit airflow to provide odor defense #3. Most customers reports smelling little or nothing after the roll is wound up, and disposing a used roll is much easier and cleaner than handling a regular pad.

🐾 What size dogs can use Brilliant Pad?

BrilliantPad is designed for dogs under 25 pounds (12 kilograms). The pad area is about 24 x 23 inches (60 x 58 cm) and some larger dogs with a "tight turning radius" use BrilliantPad.

🐾 Can regular potty pads be used with Brilliant Pad?

BrilliantPad works with BrilliantPad rolls. Each replacement roll comes with a disposable rod and cap set that makes disposal easy. If your dog is curently uses traditional puppy pads, we recommend placing your old pad on top of BrilliantPad to being the training and transition process. Visit our training center to learn how to transition your dog from regular pads to BrilliantPad.

🐾 How is Brilliant Pad better than regular potty pads?

Our pads go to eleven. Just kidding. BrilliantPad is better than regular pads because BrilliantPad eliminates the messy chore of touching soiled puppy pads. BrilliantPad ensures your puppy always has a clean place to go and substantially cuts down odor, parasites and coprophagia. Go ahead, Google that fancy word. Net net, BrilliantPad is substantially easier and cleaner than regular pads.

BrilliantPad is always clean and available, which reduces their stress and provides freedom and independence to go potty anytime.BrilliantPad's absorbent technology works differently than traditional pads: BrilliantPad lasts longer, can be used more times before disposal, and can save you substantial time and money spent on cleaning supplies. Directly comparing the price of a regular pad vs. BrilliantPad can be misleading.

🐾 How do I get my dog to use Brilliant Pad?

Two dog populations do great with BrilliantPad: (1) young puppies and (2) adult dogs that currently use pads. While our system is automated your dog is not, so you'll have to help your pup learn how to use BrilliantPad. Rest assured, training is a small effort with a big payoff: a cleaner home and a happier and healthier dog. It requires just a few minutes of effort, a few times each day, for up to a few weeks. Stay consistent, be positive and avoid punishiment. Most customers are able to train their dog to become a BrilliantPad dog. Visit our training centerto learn more.

🐾 What if my dog currently uses grass patch or another indoor potty?

This can be achieved with a litlte more effort. Visit our training center to learn more.

🐾 What if my adult dog is not currently using an indoor potty?

There is a reason why people say, "It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks." Yes, it's possible to teach any dog learn something new, but it's really, really hard without a substantial effort. We only recommend BrilliantPad for use with (1) new puppies and (2) adult dogs that currently use pads. If you want to train an adult dog or senior dog that is not currently using pads to use BrilliantPad, we caution this is very challenging and suggest you enlist the help of a professional dog trainer.