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  • USE BrilliantPad in your litter pen to potty train your puppies
  • EARN cash commission or product vouchers by referring BrilliantPad to your puppy parents, friends, and social groups
  • SAVE with member-only exclusive discounts on select BrilliantPad product offerings 
  • ENJOY the convenience of easy no-touch clean up, with the knowledge that you are providing healthy conditions for your puppies

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Why USE BrilliantPad for Puppy Litters?

BrilliantPad is a valuable product for pet parents. Now breeders are exclaiming that BrilliantPad is a “game changer” for providing a healthy litter pen environment, drastically cutting daily cleaning time, and creating potty training success stories when puppies go to their new homes.  

  • Easy Adaption - Put BrilliantPad in the litter pen and let puppies warm up to it

“Once one puppy gets on and uses it, the rest will follow.”

  • Hygienic Environment - All the waste stays in one place 

“No more shredded pads, poo tracking, or soiled water and food bowls.” 

  • Convenience - The push of a button on the BrilliantPad Machine or Smart App erases the morning potty waste of an entire litter. A few more pad advances throughout the day takes care of the rest

“BrilliantPad turns a full-time job into a part-time job, and no smell!” 

  • Potty-Training Success Story - Puppies who start out using BrilliantPad will be more comfortable when it is also in their new homes, reducing anxiety and frustration for everyone

How to EARN Commission or Vouchers?

Become a member of our Breeders Club to get a custom referral link to share with puppy parents, friends and your social groups

  • Give $25 & Get $25  - With each referral purchase of a BrilliantPad Machine from, the recipient of your referral gets a $25 discount, and you earn $25 towards your future purchases or cash commission
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  • The Sky is the Limit - keep referring for unlimited income potential. No purchase or membership required!
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  • Email for more details 

How to Get Access to Discounted Breeder Pricing and SAVE?

Become a member of BrilliantPad Breeders Club

  • Get Started - APPLY HERE and complete our Breeder Club Application
  • Get Access  - Once your Breeders Club Application has been approved, you will receive a link to exclusive pricing

How to ENJOY and get the most out of BrilliantPad?

Breeders have been providing us with suggestions for best practices to experience the most benefits of BrilliantPad

  • Start Early - Place your BrilliantPad Machine inside the pen when puppies start walking (around 2 weeks), or if puppies are older, replace the potty pad they have been using with BrilliantPad
  • Explore - Puppies might sit or play on the platform at first. With time, puppies will start to use BrilliantPad for potty habits. Once the first puppy starts, typically the rest will follow
  • Time to Advance - Depending on litter size and puppy age, most breeders advance the pad after puppies first potty trip immediately after wakening and then several times throughout the day as needed. Average number of daily advances = 2 to 4
  • Select from two versions of BrilliantPad Machines:
    • Just the Basics enables manual pad advancement with the push of a button on the machine, or you can set pad to advance automatically every 8, 12 or 24 hours
    • Smart Machine shows potty activity on your phone and let's you clean the pad remotely. Camera automatically takes and stores photos each time puppies step on and leave machine. Can also be set to advance automatically. 
  • Plan Ahead - One roll of high absorbency potty pads, equivalent to 40 regular pads and good for 21 advances, is included with each BrilliantPad machine. Most breeders pre-order an 8-Pack of Roll Refills to last from the start of potty activity at 2-weeks to adoption at 8-weeks. 

Planning guide:

Number of Pad Advances per Day




Weeks Litter is Potty Training in Pen




Days Litter is Potty Training in Pen




Pads Needed per Litter




Rolls Needed per Litter




  • Save - By joining BrilliantPad Breeders Club, get access to exclusive breeder pricing. Allow up to 10 business days for our review of your application.
  • Start Referring Now - By participating in the BrilliantPad Referral Program before your litter arrives, you can cover the cost of BrilliantPad supplies and more! Membership  and purchase are not required to participate. Allow 45-days after each purchase (our return policy window) for referral points to be approved and ready to be redeemed.
  • Success! - Get puppies off to the best start in their new homes by referring BrilliantPad to puppy parents, allowing for less anxiety transitioning to their new homes. Puppy parents will experience less stress too. BrilliantPad can create a true potty training success story!
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