Plan B: Training for Puppies if you are home during the day

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Step 1: Be Patient

Training a puppy three months or younger to use BrilliantPad generally takes no longer than training a puppy to use traditional potty pads. Some puppies will only take a few days to train but others may need several weeks just to get comfortable with the machine before you even start training. Please be patient if your puppy requires some time.

Don’t allow puppies unsupervised access of the house while training. The goal is to avoid elimination in inappropriate areas. Punishment is not recommended for inappropriate elimination. Puppies rarely understand what was wrong and so there will be no benefit from punishment. In fact, punishment may cause even more inappropriate eliminations. Instead, encourage and reward good behavior. 

Training TipIf you discover that you are not home enough to consistently place your puppy on BrilliantPad when it is potty time, please follow the training instructions in Section C


Step 2: Place puppy on BrilliantPad at potty time

  • Every 2-3 hours
  • When your puppy wakes up  
  • After playing  
  • 10-15 minutes after eating  
  • After noticing pacing, circling or sniffing

Give your puppy lots of praise and treats if he goes on the platform even if he does not go potty.


Step 3: Give your puppy time to learn to go potty on Brilliant Pad

Have patience and reward your puppy every time he uses BrilliantPad. Puppies will have accidents. To discourage recurrence of accidents, clean all inappropriately soiled areas with an enzymatic cleaner such as TidyShot by BrilliantPad.  Eventually, your puppy will learn to go potty on BrilliantPad.

Step 4: Slowly introduce use of the electronic controls

Once your dog starts using BrilliantPad, use the MANUAL advance for a few days. Then, with the dog nearby but not on the platform, press and hold the manual advance button to advance the pad, or double-click to advance a full sheet:

If your dog accepts the machine noise, praise him and give him a treat.

After several days of advancing manually, you can consider setting the Automatic Timer to replace the pad automatically one, two or three times per day (i.e., once every 24, 12 or 8 hours):

Additional Training Tips: 

For additional suggestions, go to BrilliantPad Troubleshooting Tips.

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