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Your BrilliantPad has arrived

We’ll help you get your Pad set up and ready to roll.

It generally takes about 10 min to put things in place and connect your device to WiFi.

Download the app to create a cleaning schedule and track your pet’s habits.

More Belly Rubs, Less Mess: Start Positive Training Today

When your dog doesn’t know what to do, she’s not happy, and neither are you. By spending just 5 minutes a day on training, you’ll help her use Brilliant Pad like a Pro. We make it easy to get started.

Get Personalized Training Advice

We offer personal consultations to address your pet’s unique training needs.


Lynn's Story

“We have a geriatric chihuahua who honestly never really had a great track record of going outside *****… We were absolutely at our wits end, especially with winter here right now. This pad saved us, and is the solution we’ve been looking for, for a long time! It’s worth every penny!!
-- Lynn S.
    BrilliantPad Smart Customer

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