"Basically like a pee pad from The Jetsons."
-- BuzzFeed

"Soaks up liquid and seals away waste to eliminate mess."
-- Mashable

"Cleans up your dog's poo! Woo hoo!"  
-- The Heavy

BrilliantPad helps dogs stay comfortable and healthy

Always Available

Lets dogs go potty anytime day or night.

Less Cleaning

Rolls up waste and seals in odor for hands-free clean.

Better Health

App shows waste and highlights important changes to help parents monitor pet health.

"BrilliantPad lets me clean up after the puppies in a very efficient manner. I love the fact that I don't have to take apart the whelping pen and mop the floor. I just push a button for a clean pad. I am a firm believer in BrilliantPad."

-- Meg Hennessy,
    Snowood Kennel,
    King Charles Cavaliers

Delivers freedom and independence

Consider how you would feel if you couldn't use the bathroom whenever you wanted. Doesn't that sound mean and cruel? Using BrilliantPad ensures your pup can always stay relaxed and comfortable while your home smells clean and fresh.


● Most dogs can be trained to use BrilliantPad within a few weeks


Anytime relief
● Paws activated refresh


● Seals waste for disposal
● Clean, fast and easy

"BrilliantPad really changed my life, and I never need to get my hands dirty. Clean-up is a breeze. With the press of a button, the waste goes inside the roll. It's completely clean and odor-free!"

-- Amy Powell,
  April's Toy Havanese

Much more than a one-touch potty, BrilliantPad is Brilliant!

The BrilliantPad App helps you pay close attention to waste appearance and potty frequency. PoopAI™ tags stool that appears dehydrated or soft, and sends alerts when your dog may be sick. Currently in beta testing, BrilliantPad PoopAI™ continues to grow its capabilities to help pet parents proactively monitor their dogs' health and well-being.

Notifcations when dog goes potty on BrilliantPad.

Photo Journal logs each visit and potty event.

Health Alerts flag unhealthy waste or changes in potty frequency.

Share concerning photos with vet or family members.

Meet the Breeds SPECIAL Offer

What you Get:

  • BrilliantPad Smart advanced system with WiFi, camera, app and 1 long-lasting pad roll
  • 8 extra pad rolls, so you get 9 rolls total
  • Training kit with attractant, bitter spray and enzymatic cleaner -- everything you need to train your dog to use BrilliantPad.
  • REGUARLY: $409.97
  • YOUR PRICE: $249.99 

Imporant Training Reminder: All dogs require some training to adopt new behavior.

If your dog currently uses puppy pads, place their old pad on BrilliantPad and progressively fold it smaller until they go directly on BrilliantPad.

If your puppy is new to pads, setup a confined space with their bed, food, water and BrilliantPad. Put your pup on BrilliantPad each time they wake up; 10 to 15 minutes after they eat, drink or play; before bed and anytime you see them circling or sniffing.

If you invest a few minutes of training time several times each day, your pup can learn how to use BrilliantPad within a few days or weeks.