"No more running to the store all the time for pads. No more mopping the floor when the pads leak through... No more picking up poop and running to the bathroom to dispose it."

- Laura B., BrilliantPad Product Tester


 Most dogs can be trained to adopt new behaviors with sufficient time and patience, and the BrilliantPad Training Guide is consistent with the advice and protocols we use in our veterinary clinic.”

- Dr. Carlo Siracusa, DVM, PhD, Dip. ACVB, Dip. ECAWBM, Veterinary Behaviorist


"BrilliantPad is a great invention especially for those with small dogs living in an apartment. Ideal for city life!"

- Karen Clemente, Puppy Up Foundation National Walk Advisor


"Brilliant Pads are a life changing solution to wee wee pads. Its such a time saver and creates much less waste, makes everything more efficient!"

- Alexandra Schindler, BrilliantPad Product Tester, Los Angeles, CA