BrilliantPad 2.0 - Refurbished

Today save $20.00 on BrilliantPad 2.0, our second generation self-cleaning dog potty with adjustable automatic timer and manual controls.  You'll never see, smell or touch dog waste again.

SPECIAL OFFER: BRILLIANT PAD 2.0 - Refurbished Sale 

All models mechanics are operational and without reconditioning.  Refurbished machines have been cleaned and sanitized before repackaging.   Models can be upgraded with Smart control modules for an additional cost.   

All Sales Final.  Absolutely no returns permitted on RefurbishedBrilliantPad Machines.

BrilliantPad is the world's first self-cleaning dog potty that handles #1 and #2 and wraps and seals waste to keep your home clean and odor-free. Adjustable timer automatically replaces a dirty pad with a clean, fresh one. Or advance the pad anytime at the touch of a button. Messy and smelly is replaced with clean and fresh. Regular dog pads just don’t do that! 2.0 model features drip lip along edge of the machine to reduce spills onto the floor. 


  • Long-lasting roll is hands-free for days or weeks at a time.
  • Adjustable timer automatically advances pad 1, 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Animal sensor ensures timer will not activate with dog on machine. 
  • Manually advance pad anytime at the touch of a button.
  • No batteries needed. Connects to electric outlet
  • Drip Lip along each side of platform minimizes spills.



      Ideal for dogs under 25 pounds currently using pads. 

      Excellent for training puppies.

      Not recommended for adult dogs that are not currently using pads.

      Senior dogs may require a significant training effort.


    Is BrilliantPad Right for you and your pup?


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