BrilliantPad Machine with Drip Lip

BrilliantPad is the world’s first self-cleaning dog potty for puppies and small dogs under 25 pounds.

The BrilliantPad system is a superior alternative to typical training pads which are often messy and smelly.   BrilliantPad cleans itself and delivers peace of mind when the weather is bad or the urge strikes in the middle of the night. The BrilliantPad system provides a comfortable place for your dog to go potty anytime something unexpectedly arises, like heavy traffic or a meeting or social engagement that runs long. Dogs that use BrilliantPad no longer have to be anxious searching for a place to go.

BrilliantPad rolls are strong enough to handle both #1 and #2. After your dog goes potty, waste is automatically rolled up and sealed between layers of absorbent and waterproof materials that hold in odor and moisture. BrilliantPad is hands-free for days or weeks at a time. When it’s time discard a used pad roll, BrilliantPad makes it easy. The yucky bits remain sealed inside while the outside stays clean and dry, and you never have to come in contact with anything messy. Quick! Simple sanitary!

Use this for How It Works

Automatically replaces a dirty pad with a clean, fresh one. Wraps and seals waste so home is clean and odor free. BrilliantPad is hands-off for weeks at a time. When roll is used up simply remove and replace and your hands stay clean the entire time.


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