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BrilliantPad Smart is the first and only WiFi-enabled,  dog-activated  potty pad-advance system.  You'll never handle dirty pads again and your dog will always have a clean spot to go.

Ships next business day. 

Stop picking up dirty, soiled pads, minimize dog waste odors, and give your dog a spot to go, anytime and every time, with BrilliantPad Smart.

Designed to mimic your dog's interaction with a potty pad, BrilliantPad Smart features advanced dog-detection and recognition technology, reduced urine tracking and real-time monitoring of waste and pad levels via our Smart App.

Free yourself from the daily pad clean-up and join the thousands of BrilliantPad customers who can spend more time with their dog and less time with their waste.

  • Never touch waste again
  • Drastically reduce dog urine & poo odors
  • Minimize urine tracking with built-in drip-lip and BrilliantPad super absorbent pads.
  • Monitor BrilliantPad usage right from your phone
  • Multi-dog AI detects up to X dogs.

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2281/3847/files/brilliantpad-app_100x100.png?v=1570499860BrilliantPad Smart App gives you peace of mind by tracking your pup's potty behavior. It lets you remotely advance your BrilliantPad machine and alerts you to changes in usage frequency.


Set BrilliantPad to Dog-activated Advance (advances after your dog uses it) or select how many visits are required before replacing with a fresh pad.


Prevent small issues from becoming larger problems, by sharing Health Alerts - changes in waste frequency and photo logs - with your veterinarian.


Create a schedule to clean when you want, or advance anytime from the Smart App.


More Economical Discuss using multiple pads for each use. BrilliantPad rolls same amout of money with out hassle of picking up dirty, stinky used potty pads.

  • App requires Apple iOS or Android smart phone or device. Machine requires 2.4 GHZ Wifi networks.
  • Machine measures 34"x24"x6".
  • Dog Area measures 24"x23" with 2" step up height.
  • Designed for dogs under 25 pounds that currently use pads.
  • Not recommended for adult dogs that are not currently using pads
  • Senior dogs require significant training.
  • Free shipping in Continental USA.
  • $20 for shipping to HI, AK and Canada.
  • $60 Shipping to EU, UK & Australia

How BrilliantPad Works

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Customer Reviews

Greatest Invention Ever!
I am in love with this device. I ordered the original due to intermittent wifi service in certain areas of my home. I have trained my 12-week old maltipoo pup to use the brilliant pad. He is now using it on his own after 3 weeks of training when he is not taken outside. All I have to do is remove the used roll and toss it out. Thanks BrilliantPad!!😊
- Latrelle M.
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