October 26, 2022 3 min read

All pet parents want to provide the best for their pups. With so many products flooding the market these days, it can be difficult to discern which products are worth your money. Finding the right balance between quality and price is no walk in the park. So what makes BrilliantPad rolls a great value?

Use Less, Spend Less

BrilliantPad rolls are exceedingly more absorbent than typical puppy pee pads. Our rolls absorb urine on contact, so your dog can use the same pad several times before it needs to be changed.

One of the most common complaints among regular pee pad reviews is a lack of absorbency, causing frequent pad changes. According to the AKC, a puppy may relieve itself as often asevery 15 minutes. With a potential 48 potty breaks in a 12 hours, even a 50-pack of lesser quality pads would be gone in one day.

Furthermore, BrilliantPad gives you control over the roll. You decide exactly how much of the pad needs to be changed, unlike regular pads, which require a total pad change every time. When you manually advance the roll, you can advance as much or as little as you like, saving you money. Brilliant.

Pet Health Monitoring

BrilliantPad is pee pads made smart. No other pee pads on the market are integrated with technology that allows you to monitor your dog’s health. 

BrilliantPad’s built-in cameras snap a photo anytime your dog uses the pad. You can access these photos in the app. If something looks abnormal, add notes and send them directly to your veterinarian.

Additionally, the app can monitor your dog’s bathroom habits and alert you if they go more or less than normal. 

Advanced health monitoring keeps you in the know about how your pup is feeling because they can’t tell you themself! This knowledge lets you keep tabs on and fix minor problems before they become large, expensive vet bills.

Potty Time, Anytime

Would you consider staying somewhere you did not have access to a clean bathroom anytime you needed it? Of course not, so why should your pet do any different?

One problem many active dog owners run into is providing their dogs bathroom access when they’re away at work, running errands or having a night out. BrilliantPad alleviates this issue by providing your dog with a safe and clean indoor bathroom that they can use any time of day, just like you!

No Damaged Floors

Because leakage is so common among pee pads, damaged floors are a common complaint among pet owners. With BrilliantPad, you never have to worry about floor damage because the pads don’t sit on the floor. BrilliantPad’s raised design is a step above the rest when it comes to protecting your home. 

Another concern with traditional pee pads is that your dog may walk in the soiled pads and track their messy paws all over your home. Thanks to BrilliantPad’s auto-advance capabilities, you won’t have to worry about a surprise floor cleaning bill.

Touchless Cleanup

Another big difference between BrilliantPad and traditional pee pads is their cleanup. If you’ve used pee pads in the past, you know the dread of coming home to pick up dripping wet pads and an unpleasant smell in the air. 

With BrilliantPad, you’ll never have to touch a messy pad again. Soiled pads are rolled up for touchless cleanup and are both smell-proof and leak-proof. `Simply change the roll when empty and toss the used one in the garbage for a mess-free cleanup!

Another great perk? When you order rolls from BrilliantPad, you canearn rewards for the products you use every day. Save even more when by purchasing aroll subscription today!