April 12, 2019 3 min read

You’re getting a new dog, congratulations! But before you head straight to the snuggles and selfies, check out these 9 tips on how to get your home ready for a new dog.

  1. Split up Responsibilities. If you live in a multi-person household, make sure to divvy up dog duties before your new family member joins you. Because getting a dog is something typically all family members want, but be sure that all children and siblings are given a responsibility whether that be to replace the dog’s water between meals or simply to make sure to give them ten minutes of playtime each and every day.
  2. Head to your Local Pet Store. While an adoption fee carries the majority of the finances when it comes to getting a new dog, don’t forget about other essentials. Head to your local pet store and pick up a collar or harness, leash, dog tags, toys, grooming supplies treats for training, and dog food. Nothing is worse than having to run to the store right when a guest arrives because you forgot to pick something up.
  3. Set Boundaries. You may have seen this one before in a previous post, but it is especially important when introducing a puppy. Make sure you know where exactly in your home the new dog is allowed to hang out and be sure to bar off any off-limits areas with closed doors or baby gates. It’s also important that everyone in the household knows these yay & nay areas so as not to interfere with training.
  4. Get on a Cleaning Schedule. BrilliantPad users have it easy with this one as they can simply set the timed advance setting to however often is desired. It’s important though to establish a cleaning routine for the rest of your house or apartment. Especially if your new pup is one that sheds, make sure you have a game plan on how to tackle all that dog hair so nothing gets in the way of your love for your pet. It’s also best to start early and get in the habits before puppy comes.
  5. Avoid the Food Fight. It’s no secret that a dog’s sense of smell is off-the-leash, so don’t be surprised that when you leave last night’s ice cream both on the coffee table and you find it clean the next morning. Get in the habit of keeping all food in the kitchen and storing things like chocolate, gum, toothpaste, and other dangerous things for dogs to eat tightly out of reach.
  6. Clock Some Quality Time. It’s important to get in some quality time with your new dog both before and after you pick them up to take home. Whoever will be picking up pup should be sure to meet and get to know the dog. Becoming part of a new home can be a very stressful experience and you don’t want to add to that by being a “stranger” when you come to take them to their new home.
  7. Establish the Daily Routine. Sometimes dogs have a mind of their own and don’t always stick to the schedule that you had in mind. Regardless, it’s important to have a game plan or at least a few ideas about the dog’s new routine will look like. Make sure to let your boss know that you’ll be heading home for lunches to let the dog out or be sure to remind the munchkins that they need to feed the dog after getting home from school – whatever routine works.
  8. Perfect Potty Time. While it’s not the most glamorous part of becoming a new pet parent, it’s a rather important one. Be sure to think about potty time when setting those boundaries and that routine. Will you take your dog on a long walk in the morning? Let them out in the fenced-in backyard? Rely mostly on BrilliantPad for potty breaks? Be sure to put some thought into your pup’s potty time.
  9. Be Your Dog’s Personal Assistant. If you think about it, dogs really can be princes and princesses and we pretty much cater to their every need and do it happily! Make sure you’re checking everything off the list though from giving out monthly heartworm medications to scheduling regular appointments with the vet and groomer.