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The key to a cleaner home is helping your pup adjust to BrilliantPad.

Although our pads are automated, your pup is not. To encourage them to use the pad, dedicate 5 minutes to daily positive training (about as long as it takes to microwave popcorn). It’s easy to get started.

To facilitate training, use confinement training and put your dog on BrilliantPad:

    • When your dog wakes up
    • 10-15 minutes after eating
    • After playing
    • Anytime you notice pacing, circling or sniffing

Best practices

Positive training helps reinforce the behaviors you want from your dog (in this case, pottying on the pad). Here are a few tips for setting your pup up for success.

View training best practices.

Puppy New to Pads

Your new puppy needs your guidance to show them what they need to know. A confinement area is a veterinarian-recommended method to help them learn where to potty.

Learn how to train your puppy


Dog Currently Uses Pads

If your dog is already a pro at using pads, you can help them transition to BrilliantPad in 3 easy steps.

Tips For Nervous Dogs

Any change in the home can overwhelm a nervous dog. Never force your pup onto the pad. Instead, take these 4 simple steps to ease their transition.

Transitioning from grass patches

Put the pad in your dog’s current potty spot, with the artificial turf covering the pad. This signals to your dog to potty here. As your dog continues to use the pad, gradually make the grass patch smaller until they have fully transitioned to BrilliantPad.

Adult dog not currently using pads

There is a reason people say, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks!” It is near impossible for most people to train an adult dog that is not currently using puppy pads to use BrilliantPad.

However, if you are exceptionally determined and remarkably patient, it may be possible to train your adult dog to use BrilliantPad.

Read more on how to train your adult dog that is not currently using potty pads to use BrilliantPad


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