Brilliant Pad Training Guide

We know how important your dog is to you, and we aim to ensure you spend less time cleaning and more time loving, because no mess should come between you and your dog. Once your dog adapts to using BrilliantPad, you will never handle smelly soiled pads again! Here is how to train your dog to use BrilliantPad:

The specific steps vary according to age and current habits of your dog, and it takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete each step. Register and complete your dog profile and then practice one of the training plans below

If your dog has trouble with a specific training step, relax! Sometimes it takes more than one try. If necessary take a break for a few days and try again. Think of the time to train your dog to use BrilliantPad as an investment that will make your home cleaner and smell better for both you and your dog.


Training Best Practices

1. Be patient

Animal behaviorists assure us that most dogs can be trained to use BrilliantPad. Some just may take longer than others!

2. Reward your dog

Give your pup lots of love, affection and treats along the way. 

3. Punishment rarely works

Dogs rarely understand what was wrong when punished for inappropriate elimination. In fact, punishment may cause even more inappropriate eliminations. Instead, encourage and reward good behavior.


Follow the plan that best describes you and your dog:

Plan A

BrilliantPad training dogs that already uses potty pads

My dog currently
uses potty pads

Plan B

BrilliantPad training puppies while you are home during the day

Puppy Training
and I am home
during the day

Plan C

Training puppies to use potty pads when you are not home during the day

Puppy Training
and I am away
during the day

Plan D

Training adult dogs who have never used pads

Older dog
does not use pads



For additional training suggestions see Training and Troubleshooting Tips


Click here to download PDF version of BrilliantPad™ Training Guide.