Setting Up Your Brilliant Pad

BrilliantPad is easy to setup, use and maintain. Watch this video to learn how to unpack and setup your BrilliantPad system.



Brilliant Pad Setup Tips

  • Lay out all the pieces on the floor before you begin.
  • For easy attachment of the covers to the machine, line up the clips on the covers with the bars on the base while everything is on the ground, then squeeze the clips and bars together. 
  • Connect the Power Cord to the Control Module before attaching the Control Module to the base.
  • Ensure the green knob on the Control Module is unlocked and pointing towards 12 o'clock before attaching to the base. Once attached, rotate the knob green clockwise to 3 o'clock and ensure the Control Module is securely attached to the base. 
  • Tuck the power cord wire neatly into the cleats under the platform near the waste cover. Ensure there are no exposed wires.
  • Refer to stickers in the supply cradle to orient the roll: white absorbent paper up, blue/green film with black marks down. 
  • Watch this video to install the paper roll. 
  • Rotate the green latches to secure the Supply Cover and Waste Cover.
  • Press the Pad Advance button to manually advance the pad roll:
    • Press and hold button to advance pad. Release button to stop motor. 
    • Or, double-click button to advance a full sheet.
  • Download the BrilliantPad SMART+ App from Apple App Store or Android Play.
  • Watch all of our training videos:

  • When replacing a soiled roll, remove and discard the entire roll, including the rod and caps. The barrier film provides a clean grasp surface and the caps prevent waste from leaking or spilling. Each new roll comes with a new set of rods and caps.

  • The paper tube is biodegradable and the caps can be recycled.

  • Buy replacement rolls on Auto-delivery and subscription options are  available.  

  • Activate BrilliantPad Rewards and earn points towards free rolls.