Transitioning Your Dog from Grass Patches to Brilliant Pad

If your dog goes potty on a fresh grass patch or piece of artificial turf, put some of the grass or turf on BrilliantPad. Gradually reduce the size until your dog goes potty directly on the machine. Continue reading to learn how to transition dogs from from grass patches to BrilliantPad. 


Transition from Grass Patches

  • Setup BrilliantPad in your dog’s current potty spot.
  • Place a portion of the grass patch or artificial turf on BrilliantPad. This signals your dog can go potty here. 
  • After your dog has successfully gone potty on the grass or turf several times, remove some of the grass.
  • Progressively make the patch smaller until your dog goes directly on BrilliantPad. 

    Helpful Tips

    • Give your dog a treat and lots of praise after going potty on BrilliantPad.
    • If your dog has an accident, clean up withTIDY SHOT Enzymatic Cleaner so the accident spot doesn't become the potty spot. 
    • Be consistent and positive.Shouting is counter-productive.

    • Sometimes house training is a dance, one step forward, one step back. Be patient and jitterbug your way to success. 


    Need More Help?

    Contact us.Tell us about any problems you are having and the BrilliantPad Support Team will offer additional training guidance.


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