BrilliantPad is a smart indoor potty that automates clean-up, reduces odor and protects your small dog's health. BrilliantPad reduces stress and anxiety by ensuring your dog always has a clean and safe place to go. Train your dog to use BrilliantPad and automate clean-up from your phone. You'll never touch messy pads again!

If your small dog currently uses puppy pads and you commit to a few minutes of training a few times a day, most dogs will successfully transition to using BrilliantPad within a few weeks. 

Setting up a confinement area is strongly recommended for puppies. Use an indoor gate, fence or pen to create a space with BrilliantPad and your dog’s bed, food, water and a few toys. Put your dog on BrilliantPad 10-15 minutes after they eat, drink, play; anytime you see them circling and sniffing; immediately after they wake up; and before bed. Most newborn puppies generally pick up using BrilliantPad quickly. 

We have additional training recommendations for dogs that currently use grass patches or another indoor potty.

NOTE: BrilliantPad is not recommended for adult dogs that do not currently use pads unless you are willing to make a significant training effort, and training seniors or dogs that are timid and generally afraid of new items in your home can be very difficult.

ow does BrilliantPad work? 

BrilliantPad alerts you when your dog goes potty and lets you automate clean-up from your phone. You can set BrilliantPad to advance after each use, set a schedule to advance at certain times, or evaluate the pad and only advance when there is #1 or #2. 

Alternatively, you can look-in via the app and advance the pad yourself anytime. 

Watch our How it works video:

BrilliantPad’s motorized operation lets you skip the messy part of having to see, smell or touch messy waste. Most importantly, BrilliantPad is always clean and available for your dog, which reduces their stress and provides freedom and independence to go potty anytime. 

BrilliantPad wraps and seals the soiled pad to minimize odor and keep your home smelling clean and fresh.

No, BrilliantPad doesn’t replace taking a dog outside. 

BrilliantPad’s staff takes its dogs outside regularly to exercise and socialize, and you can learn how to hybrid-train your dog to go potty outside and use BrilliantPad. We use BrilliantPad for convenience and independence. It keeps us informed and helps us protect our dog’s health throughout their entire life. 

Both systems wrap and seal waste to keep your home smelling clean and fresh. However, BrilliantPad Smartadds a camera, WiFi and a free app that keeps you informed and helps you keep your pet healthy throughout their entire life. 

BrilliantPad Originaldoes not have a camera, WiFi or the app.

The BrilliantPad Smart app provides:

Notifications when your dog goes potty.

Remote look-in and pad advance.

Photo journal logs each potty event.

BrilliantPad Smart’s advanced health features help protect your pet’s health:

PoopAI™ flags dehydrated or soft stool.

Health alerts for changes in potty frequency and waste consistency.

Photo and data sharing with your vet and loved ones. 

BrilliantPad Smart is highly adjustable and cleans according to your preferences:

Advance after each visit or after several visits,

Set a schedule to advance at the times you choose, or 

Use PoopAI™ to evaluate the soiled pad before advancing. 

BrilliantPad Smart provides you with actionable insights that let you protect the health of your dog. BrilliantPad Original does not have a camera, WiFi or the app. BrilliantPad Original offers basic functionality with a timer that lets you automatically replace the pad 1, 2 or 3 times a day or anytime at the touch of a button. 

Most American Kennel Club show dog champions recommend keeping young puppies indoors until their vaccines kick in. BrilliantPad is hygienic and more sanitary than regular pads, and it’s safer than sidewalks and the dog park during this critical time.  

Some dogs use BrilliantPad exclusively throughout their entire life. BrilliantPad minimizes exposure to bacteria and parasites, and there are no coyotes or predators. 

BrilliantPad is also a great option for dogs with allergies to grass, fleas and outdoor ailments. 

BrilliantPad is for dog lovers that want to give their dog the freedom and flexibility to go potty anytime. Imagine if you were unable to use the bathroom in the middle of the day or night. Not a pleasant thought, right? Your dog doesn’t like that either!

BrilliantPad lets your dog go potty anytime without getting uncomfortable waiting for you. This provides relief anytime you are stuck away from home. BrilliantPad is always there and clean – even when you are away – and keeps the peace until you return. 

Further, BrilliantPad lets the elderly, sick and disabled pet parents or anyone with mobility limitations enjoy the companionship and benefits of pet ownership.  

BrilliantPad measures 34 x 24 inches. The control module, which holds the motor, camera, WiFi, sensors and controls adds 2 inches of width. The supply side is 4 inches tall and the waste end is 6 inches tall. The step up height for a dog is about 2 inches and the exposed pad area measures about 24 x 23 inches. Watch this videoon where BrilliantPad can fit in your home.

Three technologies work together to minimize unpleasant odors:

Absorbent polymer in the pad neutralized odor and turns liquid waste into gel 

A barrier lining wraps and seals the entire pad

Storage compartment is covered and locked to minimize air flow.

Kevin O'Leary smelled a loaded roll Shark Tank episode 914. Watch episode on and see his surprise at the lack of odor!

BrilliantPad eliminates the daily chore of touching soiled puppy pads. BrilliantPad is hands off for days at a time, then replacing a used roll is fast, easy and clean. When the entire roll is used up, lift the roll easily for easy disposal. There is no need to unwrap a soiled pad or touch dirty bits. Everything messy is sealed while your hands touch surfaces that are clean and dry.

Then toss the entire used roll and start the new roll with a fresh set of rods and caps that make handling easy. 

Our new take-up assembly is made from paper and recyclable plastic to minimize the impact on the environment. Click here to learn about our new Eco Rolls

All replacement rolls come with fresh take-up rods and end caps. 

BrilliantPad provides dogs with the freedom to go anytime. Pups no longer need to hold it in while you're at work or during dangerous weather conditions. With BrilliantPad, your dog can go exactly whenever they need in the comfort of home.

BrilliantPad is always clean and fresh. BrilliantPad detects when your dog uses it and automatically replaces the pad with a fresh one to ensure Fido always has a clean spot to go. This lets you enjoy a clean floor with the daily chore

BrilliantPad works differently and lasts longer than regular pads, can be used more times before disposal, and can save you substantial time and money spent on cleaning supplies. 

BrilliantPad’s motorized operation lets you skip the messy part of having to see, smell or touch messy waste. Most importantly, BrilliantPad is always clean and available for your dog, which reduces their stress and provides freedom and independence to go potty anytime. 

Further, BrilliantPad can help you identify when your dog may be sick. Early detection and rapid response is key to keeping your dog healthy. Regular pads and outdoor potty activity can miss these important health clues. BrilliantPad empowers you to be proactive to prevent small issues from escalating into more complex, more expensive health issues. 

Net net, BrilliantPad handles the mess so you don’t have to, keeps you informed, and lets you spend less time cleaning so you can enjoy more time cuddling. When you consider some of these factors, we are confident you will conclude that BrilliantPad is a superior value.

BrilliantPad is more absorbent than leading pads, and BrilliantPad can be used multiple times before disposal, which means using fewer pads vs. traditional pads.

BrilliantPad Smart can be advanced as much or as little as needed, so there is less waste vs. regular pads. 

BrilliantPad rolls are 80% thinner and use 33% less material than a regular pad, so less material goes into landfills.

BrilliantPad’s new Eco Rolls eliminate more than 80% of the plastic from the original BrilliantPad design. The new take-up rod is made out of recycled paper, and is stiffer than the original rod for better system performance; and the end caps now can slide off for easy recycling. Recycled paper and recyclable plastics for a smaller footprint. 

Typical pad users spread out 3, 4 or 5 regular pads each day to ensure their dog always had a clean spot to go. BrilliantPad uses fewer pads because one BrilliantPad system gets the job done! BrilliantPad saves your floor and restores your living space. No more spreading out multiple pads or coming home to a pad disaster. 

Regular puppy pad users touch and throw-out soiled pads several times each day whereas BrilliantPad is hands off for days at a time. The motorized system replaces the pad automatically or according to the settings you choose. Regular pads don’t do that! 

Traditional pads remain wet for a long time and are typically discarded after each use. 

BrilliantPad works differently than regular pads by spreading out the urine for rapid absorption. BrilliantPad is dry shortly after each use and can be reused several times before disposal. 

Regular pads are tossed in their entirety after each use, but with BrilliantPad, you can advance as much or as little pad as needed to provide your dog with a clean potty spot. This helps some customers stretch the life of each pad roll. 

Users of regular pads get to touch the equivalent of a messy diaper and all its glory. 

Replacing a used BrilliantPad roll is fast, easy and clean. Everything dirty is wrapped inside and so human hands only touch surfaces that are clean and dry.

Waste lingers on a regular pad, which creates foul odors and can contribute to bacteria, parasites and coprophagia. You can set BrilliantPad to be consistently clean, and the  BrilliantPad Smart app keeps you informed of potential health problems and empowers you to take action to ensure your dog stays healthy.