Training a Pad-Trained Dog to Use Brilliant Pad

Use this training video if your dog already uses potty pads and is comfortable around BrilliantPad



Key Points

 Put BrilliantPad in your dog's current potty place and place their regular pads on top of the machine.

 Like people, pups have different preferences. If your dog demands a spotless potty, use a clean pad. If your dog is scent-based, use a slightly soiled pad or spray with an attractant like BrillantPad "Go Here".

 The scent will help your dog identify BrilliantPad as their new potty spot. 

 After your dog successfully goes potty on the pad, replace with another pad.

 After several days of success, fold the pad in half or replace with clean half-pad and let your dog use half pads for a few days.

 Next cut or fold the pad in quarters, and eventually remove the pad to let your dog go potty directly on the machine.

 If your dog refuses to use a small pad, or has an accident, promptly clean with up with an enzymatic cleaner, like BrilliantPad Tidy Shot, so the accident spot doesn't become the potty spot and return to the last successful step.

 Remember, dogs are unique and respond to training at different speeds. Sometimes the progression is a dance, one step forward, one step back.

 If there is even accident, return to works for a few days and then try a smaller pad again.

 If mistakes are frequent, put a pad where accidents are happening, then move the pad closer to the machine and eventually on to the BrilliantPad machine.

Have additional training questions?  Try these other training articles or contact us via the BrilliantPad App or email our Training Support Team.

Training Best Practices

Training a nervous dog to use BrilliantPad