Training a Pad-Trained Dog to Use Brilliant Pad

If your dog uses regular puppy pads, put their old pads on top of the BrilliantPad machine, and gradually reduce their size until your dog goes potty directly on BrilliantPad. Watch this video to learn how to transition dogs from using regular pads to BrilliantPad.


Transitioning from Regular Pads to Brilliant Pad

  • Setup BrilliantPad in your dog's current potty spot.
  • Place regular pads on top of the machine.
  • After your dog successfully goes potty, replace with another pad.
  • After several days of success, cut or fold the pad in half or replace with a clean half-pad.
  • Progressively make the pad smaller until your dog goes directly on BrilliantPad. 


Helpful Tips

  • If your dog is scent-based, use a slightly soiled pad or spray GO HERE Attractant on a clean pad. 
  • If your dog has an accident, promptly clean up with up TIDY SHOT Enzymatic Cleaner so the accident spot doesn't become the potty spot. Then return to the last successful step for a few days and resume the process.
  • If mistakes are frequent,  put a pad where accidents are happening. Then move the pad closer to the machine and eventually onto BrilliantPad.
  • Dogs are unique and respond to training differently. Sometimes the progression is a dance, one step forward, one step back. Be patient and jitterbug your way to success. 


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