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BrilliantPad Eco-Friendly Rolls

Compatible with BrilliantPad Smart and BrilliantPad Original, BrilliantPad replacement rolls are long lasting and highly absorbent. Each roll can be used for multiple potty events and advanced in part or full. Each roll comes with a new rod and cap set for easy disposal. Pay as little as $14.62 per roll by selecting an 8-pack with auto-delivery. 
Auto Delivery Terms

Subscribers save up to 40% by selecting 8 pack roll delivery.

Cancel, change or skip deliveries at any time.


For roll purchases shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and international destinations, there are additional delivery charges.

Warranty & Returns

BrilliantPad provies a 1-year limited warranty. For full details, see our Limited warranty & returns pages

Roll Specifications

Roll width: 56 cm (22 inches) 

Roll length: 12 meters long (39.4 feet)

Number of pad equivalents: 21 large pads


For auto-delivery of rolls, we provide free shipping to the continental U.S. and $20 shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. There is a $60 shipping fee for orders to other countries.

One-time purchase of rolls incurs a additional shipping charges of:

$4.95 for a 2 pack

$7.95 for a 4 pack

$11.95 for an 8 pack

Roll width: 56 cm (22 inches) 

Roll length: 12 meters long (39.4 feet)

Number of pad equivalents: 21 large pads

BrilliantPad works differently than traditional pads: they last longer and can be used multiple times. Roll life depends on how often the pad is advanced. Here is a general guide:

Pad Advance Frequency: Roll Duration

1x per day : weeks

2x per day : 10 days

3x per day : 1 week

BrilliantPad eliminates the daily chore of replacing soiled puppy pads. BrilliantPad is hands off for days at a time, then replacing a used roll is fast, easy and clean. The used BrilliantPad rolls lifts out easily for easy disposal. There is no need to unwrap waste or touch any dirty bits. Everything messy is wrapped up while your hands touch surfaces that are clean and dry.

Then toss the entire used roll and start the new roll with a fresh set of rods and caps that make handling easy. 

Motorized cleaning provides you and your dog with a clean potty spot. 

Regular pads let waste and foul odors linger, and they have to be touched and disposed of daily. BrilliantPad delivers hands-free clean for days by wrapping and sealing waste to keep your home smelling clean and fresh.

BrilliantPad provides usage alerts, remote look-in and pad advance, and health alerts so you can stay informed and take early action if your pet may be unhealthy. 

Regular pads are tossed in their entirety after each use, but with BrilliantPad, you can advance as much or as little pad as needed to provide your dog with a clean potty spot. This helps some customers stretch the life of each pad roll. 

Users of regular pads get to touch the equivalent of a messy diaper and all its glory. 

Replacing a used BrilliantPad roll is fast, easy and clean. Everything dirty is wrapped inside and so human hands only touch surfaces that are clean and dry.

BrilliantPad works differently than traditional pads:

- they last longer

- can be used more times before disposal

- and can save you substantial time and money spent on cleaning supplies.

So, directly comparing the price of a regular pad vs. BrilliantPad can be misleading. 

BrilliantPad’s motorized operation lets you skip the messy part of having to see, smell or touch messy waste. Most importantly, BrilliantPad is always clean and available for your dog, which reduces their stress and provides freedom and independence to go potty anytime. 

Further, BrilliantPad can help you identify when your dog may be sick. Early detection and rapid response is key to keeping your dog healthy. Regular pads and outdoor potty activity can miss these important health clues. BrilliantPad empowers you to be proactive to prevent small issues from escalating into more complex, more expensive health issues. 

Net net, BrilliantPad handles the mess so you don’t have to, keeps you informed, and lets you spend less time cleaning so you can enjoy more time cuddling. When you consider some of these factors, we are confident you will conclude that BrilliantPad is a superior value.

BrilliantPad is more absorbent than leading pads, and BrilliantPad can be used multiple times before disposal, which means using fewer pads vs. traditional pads.

BrilliantPad Smart can be advanced as much or as little as needed, so there is less waste vs. regular pads. 

BrilliantPad rolls are 80% thinner and use 33% less material than a regular pad, so less material goes into landfills.

BrilliantPad’s new Eco Rolls eliminate more than 80% of the plastic from the original BrilliantPad design. The new take-up rod is made out of recycled paper, and is stiffer than the original rod for better system performance; and the end caps now can slide off for easy recycling. Recycled paper and recyclable plastics for a smaller footprint. 

Typical pad users spread out 3, 4 or 5 regular pads each day to ensure their dog always had a clean spot to go. BrilliantPad uses fewer pads because one BrilliantPad system gets the job done! BrilliantPad saves your floor and restores your living space. No more spreading out multiple pads or coming home to a pad disaster. 

Generally, if you have one dog and advance one pad daily, a roll should last your pup about 3 weeks. If you have multiple dogs or your dog uses BrilliantPad more frequently, you may go through the rolls a little faster. However, you can always adjust your auto-delivery to meet your pup’s needs.

- Rest assured your pup will always have a clean spot to go with auto-delivery.

- never run out of rolls.

- save 10% on each shipment

- free shipping

- earn 3X points on every roll purchase towards $5 off coupons.

- Cancel, modify or skip shipments at any time.

Roll duration depends on pad advance frequency, and like your favorite warehouse store, you can bulk up to save! The price per roll goes down as the pack size goes up. So, if you need 2 rolls every month, consider getting 4 rolls every other month. For the lowest price per roll, buy 8 rolls at a time with auto-delivery.

Regular puppy pad users touch and throw-out soiled pads several times each day whereas BrilliantPad is hands off for days at a time. The motorized system replaces the pad automatically or according to the settings you choose. Regular pads don’t do that!

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    A BrilliantPad Customer
    United States United States


    I live in a high-rise apartment complex and my pup has a small bladder. The Brilliant Pad has made it SO easy for her to use the bathroom and so easy on me for clean up! Best decision to purchase this super helpful product. Highly recommend!

    United States United States

    Timid Chihuahua loves this and so do I!

    This is extremely helpful during winter when its too cold for my Chihuahua to go outside. I have mobility issues and it was hard to replace ***** pads all the time, and the trash smelled! This is lovely because my timid 4 pound Chihuahua jumped right on this, no training! (Was already ***** pad trained however.) No smell, no hassle, no pain, looks nice and neat compared to ***** pads on the floor, and the points program is great to save on money for replacement rolls! I don’t even have to remember to order. When the app and device senses the pad supply getting low it orders for you if you choose this option. My only wish is that the camera had night vision so I can see what happens at night. At least I’m able to turn on my light to snap a pick in the morning before advancing the pad. Overall, I’d recommend this, and very pleased so far!

    Canada Canada


    What an amazing product! I wish I purchased this sooner.

    Lia B.
    United States United States

    Great product but . . .

    I love this product. My dog loves this product. The negative side is that refills include a plastic rod and 2 plastic discs. It's a huge amount of plastic to add to landfill every week. It also adds significant cost to the refills. Me, my dog, and the world would like to purchase just the rolls. I reuse the plastic pieces. No need to keep throwing out a large amount of plastic just to be wasteful (and costly).

    United States United States

    Great Pad

    The Brilliant Pad has been life changing. My chihuahua has no issues using it. My only complaint is that the pads need to be more absorbent. Whenever my dog pees, it spreads so much that it goes under her feet causing her feet to get wet with ***. This issue does not happen with wee wee pads. I have to wipe her feet after she pees. Please make them more absorbent. Also could make a charcoal version for the smell as it becomes stronger the closer you get to the end of the roll. Otherwise, great machine and love it.