BrilliantPad Instruction Manual

Brilliant Pad Instruction Manual

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Package Contents:

(1) Base (platform)  •  (2) Supply Cover  •  (3) Waste Cover  •  (4) Control Module
(5) Power Supply  • (6) Pad Roll  • (7) Take Up Rod  •  (8) Gear Caps 
(9) and (10) Card with links to Instructions and Training

Machine Setup

Step 1: Put on Level Floor

Set base on a hard, flat surface. Feet will contact the floor and platform will face upwards towards the ceiling. Orient the base so the round hole is on your right:

Step 2: Attach Covers

Ensure the covers are properly installed.

To install, simply press the clips on the covers onto the bars on the base:

Step 3: Attach Power Cord

Connect power cord to Control Module:

Step 4: Install Control Module

Orient Control Module so BrilliantPad logo faces upwards. Make sure green knob is turned to the unlocked position, i.e., facing upwards at 12 o’clock.

Then push the Control Module gear through the hole in the base. Press it all the way through the hole until two small pegs on the drive module fit into the two small slots in base:

To secure Control Module, lock it by turning the knob clockwise so the knob points sideways to the 3 o’clock position:

Step 5: Tuck in wires and plug into wall

To avoid loose wires, tuck cord into cleats under base.

Then plug power cord into wall:


Pad Roll Installation


Remove the white film from both sides of the paper take-up tube.

Roll Assembly Step 1


Line up the plastic insert with the notch in the cardboard rod and press firmly.

Roll Assembly Step 2


Put take-up assembly into waste area near Control Module. Ensure gear on end-cap mates with Control Module gear:


Roll Assembly Step 3



Put roll into supply chamber. Ensure roll feeds from the bottom. 

Then pull paper 3 to 6 inches past the Cardboard Tube. When properly installed the white absorbent surface will face the ceiling and the colored plastic lining will face downwards to the platform:

Roll Assembly Step 4


Press the paper onto the exposed adhesive on the paper tube. The adhesive is under the protective film removed in STEP 1.


Roll Assembly Step 5



Press the Pad Advance button on the Control Module to roll up the paper.

Hold Pad Advance button on Control Module until paper rotates backwards around rod several times.


Roll Assembly Step 6


Hold Pad Advance button on Control Module until paper rotates backwards around rod several times.

Step 6: Close Covers and Secure Latches

Close each cover and rotate latches to secure covers:




Recommended Location 

Put BrilliantPad™ where you typically use puppy or potty pads. Select a location that provides unobstructed access for your dog, ideally in an area that allows direct access to all four sides of the machine. If you must place BrilliantPad near walls or furniture, provide as much free access as possible.

System Controls

INDICATOR LIGHT Illuminates when power supply is connected:



Unit has power



Animal is detected



Pad roll has been completely used up



System requires attention, motor has stalled

Manual Pad Advance:

PRESS AND HOLD Pad Advance button to advance pad. Release button to turn off motor.

PRESS TWICE IN RAPID SUCCESSION to advance a full sheet.


Timer Control:

Press button to cycle through adjustable timed intervals:

  1. If an Adjustable Timer mode is selected, the first automatic pad advance will occur 8, 12 or 24 hours after interval is selected. Then system will advance pad again every 8, 12 or 24 hours until Adjustable Timer is changed or deactivated. 
  1. Pad advance will not occur automatically if system detects the presence of an animal on the platform. If an animal is detected when the Adjustable Timer is scheduled to activate motor, system will wait until dog leaves the platform before activating motor.
  1. Manually advancing the paper when an Adjustable Timer mode is selected will not reset the Adjustable Timer.
  1. If you want to stop the system once the Automatic Timer starts advancing the pad, press any button to turn off the motor. The System will go out of timed mode and the pad will no longer advance automatically. The desired time mode will need to be reset.
  1. When the paper supply runs out, the system will automatically deactivate the Adjustable Timer and the main indicator light will turn steady red. Manual Pad Advance will continue to work. Press the Pad Advance button to reset the system and turn the indicator light to steady green. When ready to reactivate the timer, press the Adjustable Timer button to select desired automatic pad advance cycle.






Soiled Roll Removal

When fresh Pad Roll supply is empty, unlatch and open the Waste Cover to access the soiled Pad Roll:

The Pad Roll is designed to be fast, easy and clean to replace. There is no need to save the Take-up Rod or Gear Caps since they are biodegradable in most landfills. Simply lift the entire roll assembly from the machine and dispose in trash. The plastic backing provides a clean grasp surface and the Gear Caps prevent waste from leaking or spilling.

The entire Take-up assembly is disposable and made from earth-friendly materials, so you can feel good when you discard them with the soiled Pad Roll.   Install new Pad Roll according to previous instructions.  For more information about the materials and process used to make the Take-up Rod and Gear Caps, visit



Troubleshooting Tips

Error Condition


Indicator light steady red

Pad Roll is used up. Install a new Pad Roll. Press Pad Advance button to reset the system and Indicator light will turn steady green.  

Indicator light flashing red

The system has detected excessive force required to advance the Pad Roll.  Try these steps:

  • Check for obstructions or objects caught in Pad Roll.  
  • Make sure the Pad Roll is installed correctly, with the paper feeding from the bottom.
  • Make sure Pad Roll material is tracking properly and winding onto the take-up assembly between the Gear Caps.  
  • Remove Control Module and advance the pad material by hand by rotating take-up assembly -- the paper should advance freely.  
  • Reinstall and lock Control Module in place.  

Press Pad Advance button to reset system.  The Indicator light will turn steady green.

Indicator light turns steady red after every full pad sheet advance

The system is not detecting the marks on the underside of Pad Roll.  

  • Check to make sure that the paper is tracking and centered on the take-up assembly.  
  • Check that the small clear circular window in the platform is not obstructed.  This window allows the system sensor to “see” the pad marks.  
  • Make sure the Control Module is attached fully and locked securely to the Base (Platform).

The system is non-responsive, nothing happens when the Pad Advance and Adjustable Timer Buttons are pressed.

Ensure electric outlet is on. Remove power brick from wall and press back into wall. If still no power, cycle power to the system by unplugging power cord from Control Module and then reconnecting power cord.

Motor turns, but pad material does not advance

Make sure pad material is secured to the take-up assembly.

Pad is not absorbing liquid

Make sure the white adsorbent layer is facing upward and color surface with black marks is facing floor.





Cleaning Instructions

Remove Control Module and disconnect power. Wipe all surfaces with mild soap and water. Ensure optical windows are clean and not blocked or scratched. 

Do not immerse Control Module in water or spray down Control Module. 

Do not expose system to excessive sunlight or moisture.

To discourage recurrence of accidents, clean all inappropriately soiled areas with an enzymatic cleaner such TidyShot by BrilliantPad, Urine Off, etc.






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If you enjoy using BrilliantPad, please leave a positive comment or review.  However, if you are not completely happy, please contact us before giving us a negative review. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you become a tremendous fan of BrilliantPad.


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 Package Contents • Machine Setup • Pad Roll Installation • Recommended Location
System Controls • Soiled Pad Removal • Troubleshooting Tips • Cleaning Instructions
Your Total Satisfaction • Subscription Plan • Warranty Information • Important Safeguards




Limited Warranty

BrilliantPad carries a Limited Warranty for one year from the date of purchase on all major parts if used and maintained under normal conditions. Register your product online and extend your warranty from one year to two years. See Warranty Page for complete details.





    • Read this Instruction Manual and BrilliantPad Training Guide completely and carefully before setting up and using BrilliantPad.
    • Do not let small children play with or near BrilliantPad. Close supervision is always necessary when system is used by or near children. Avoid contact with moving parts.
    • Remove all packing material before connecting power cord. Do not plug in power cord in an area where people or animals may walk or trip on it. Do not allow anything to rest on power cord. Do not operate system with damaged power cord. Do not operate system if it malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner.
    • Before cleaning, unplug system and remove drive module. To unplug, pull from wall outlet or remove power cord from unit. Do not immerse drive module in water. To protect against electric shock, do not place cord, plug or drive module in water or other liquids.
    • Do not place system on an unsteady surface.
    • Do not use system for other than intended use.
    • Do not use outdoors.
    • Exercise caution if you are pregnant or have an immune deficiency; and do not touch animal waste, soiled paper, or used pad rolls at any time.
    • Use only products made by Brilliant Pet with your BrilliantPad system. Do not use accessories or attachments that are not recommended by the manufacturer as they may cause fire, electric shock or injury and reduce the benefits of your warranty.
    • Check indicator light periodically and ensure there is fresh paper.

    If you have any questions, please contact BrilliantPad instead of returning product to store.



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