March 13, 2020 2 min read

We’re often met with the idea that if you have a BrilliantPad in your home, you don’t have to take your dog outside. We want to clear the air about this common misconception.

BrilliantPad is not meant to replace regular outdoor doggy activity and exercise. Instead, it’s meant to be a helpful tool for pet parents when you want to be there, but cannot or are...

  • Stuck in traffic
  • Asleep in the middle of the night
  • On vacation
  • Experiencing inclement weather
  • Have a lack of green space
  • Hindered by limited mobility

It’s simple: BrilliantPad is there for your pet when you want to be but can’t in more ways than one. For someone like Julie, BrilliantPad made it possible for her to be a pet parent:

“I love my BrilliantPad 2.0! I have a service dog in training and we keep the BrilliantPad here (it’ll stay here) for when she visits. I’m disabled and cannot have a dog - that I need - without it being an indoor dog. She definitely knows where she’s supposed to go.”

Just because your pup has a place to potty whenever they need, this does not replace the need to regularly take your dog outside for fresh air, exercise, and socialization. We believe it’s very important to properly exercise your dog so they remain happy and healthy. With BrilliantPad, you and your dog are able to more fully enjoy your walks together. Susie S., a BrilliantPad pet parent from Chicago, shares:

“Yvette loves BrilliantPad! Now that she can relieve herself any time, walking feels more like playtime and less like a chore.”

According to the PDSA, dogs should receive anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours of exercise daily depending on their breed. Without having to worry about potty time, this means that you can spend less of your time together doing business and more time playing.