August 07, 2020 2 min read

Summer 2020 has become the season of hitting the open road with family to explore the outdoors. Instead of more crowded venues like Disney World, people are trying their hand at camping or staying closer to home, staying near hiking trails, lakes or rivers, and areas with many outdoor family activities. 

For many, the family includes four-legged friends and of course they get to come along. After all, they’ve been quarantined at home these last five months, too. If you are someone whose family has decided to leave home for a while, BrilliantPad is ready to join on the ride.

BrilliantPad customers Travis K., his wife and their pup, Cinnamon, rely on BrilliantPad machine when traveling year-round:

“We use it in our RV for our 16lb Cinnamon. We had her trained on puppy pads so the transition to BrilliantPad was pretty easy. My wife and I love the simplicity of the product... I recommend this product every day of the week and twice on Sunday.” 






The convenience of BrilliantPad lies in several of its features. The machine measures 34" x 24" x 6" and weighs 10 pounds, which makes it easy to fit inside an RV or pack into a vehicle for use at a hotel or rental home. When you are leaving home to enjoy yourselves, the last thing you want is a mess to clean up. BrilliantPad offers you the opportunity to bring your pet along on your adventures without the worry of cleaning up after them in your home away from home. BrilliantPad lets you enjoy the sweet smells of summer barbeque and the fresh summer breeze, not your dog’s mess. 

Another reason to take BrilliantPad with you during your travels? If your pet is trained to go indoors on BrilliantPad, you won’t have to worry about accidents happening in a rental home or hotel room. Your pet can do their duty and you avoid paying any damage fees when #1 or #2 happens where you’re staying. We know that when you choose to venture away from home, you want to explore new places. That may not mean your pet can go everywhere with you on the trip. You can have peace of mind knowing your pet has a place to go while you see new sights!

There will still be plenty of summer days to take advantage of a road trip or fall is always a beautiful time to explore nature. Regardless of when you choose to see new sights, BrilliantPad will be ready!