BrilliantPad is the easiest path to potty training success!

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Expedite potty training with BrilliantPad.

BrilliantPad lets puppies continue what they already know.

Set up a confinement area with BrilliantPad before your dog comes home, and then show your pup the BrilliantPad upon arrival. Breeder-trained puppies quickly recognize the BrilliantPad and usually know what to do next.

Reduce everyone's stress with less mess.

Mess-free clean up at the touch of a button.

BrilliantPad automates clean-up and provides superior odor control. Soiled pads are wrapped and sealed to keep your home smelling clean and fresh.

BrilliantPad gives dogs the freedom to go potty anytime.

Stay informed and in control.

BrilliantPad notifies you when your pup goes potty. See what Fido left behind and roll the pad from the palm of your hand.

BrilliantPad keeps everything clean and your puppy healthy.

BrilliantPad ensures comfort and supports healthy puppies

Small dogs have small bladders and go potty often. BrilliantPad lets them go anytime without getting uncomfortable from holding it in.

Always Available

Lets dogs go potty anytime day or night.

Less Cleaning

Rolls away waste to keep home clean.

Better Health

App highlights important changes to help you protect pet health.

Stay safe inside until your breeder gives the "all-clear" to go outside.

American Kennel Club breeders recommend puppies stay indoors until their vaccines take effect. BrilliantPad is hygienic and more sanitary than regular pads, and it’s safer than sidewalks and the dog park during this critical time.

Use BrilliantPad for a lifetime of good health.

Taking early action is critical for helping sick pets recover quickly and completely. Continuing to use BrilliantPad through all stages of your dog's life lets you see what you may otherwise miss.

  • Photo Journal
    logs each potty event.
  • PoopAI™
    flags dehydrated or soft stool.
  • Health Alerts
    call attention to changes in potty frequency and waste consistency.

When you see someting out of the ordinary, be proactive and review with your breeder or vet.

Familiar, clean and always available

BrilliantPad reduces stress during the transition to your forever home. Continue using BrilliantPad to eliminate mess, reduce odor and protect health.


● Pad trained dogs learn BrilliantPad quickly


● Anytime relief
● Paws activated refresh


● Seals waste
● Fast and easy disposal

A special offer from your breeder

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1 BrilliantPad smart dog potty with WiFi, camera and app


2 extra rolls (you get three total)


3 training sprays



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IMPORTANT: Order BrilliantPad at least two weeks before your puppy comes home to ensure there's enough time to get ready!

How do I help my puppy use BrilliantPad?

Set up a confined area with a pet bed on one side, BrilliantPad on the other side and enough space for food, water and toys in the middle.

Put your dog on BrilliantPad after waking up, 10 to 15 minutes after eating or drinking, before bed, after play or anytime you see them circling or sniffing.

Remember, all dogs need time to adjust to a new environment, and your help and encouragement is critical to success.

Follow the recommendations provided by your breeder, and for more training assistance, visit our Quick Start Guide.