Meet BrilliantPad...
The world's first app-powered self-cleaning potty solution!

BrilliantPad saves you hours of time each week by instantly providing a clean pad potty area with the touch of a button. Clean pad is stored on one side, and all the waste is rolled up onto the other side. When the roll is used up, simply pull out the entire roll and toss! It's that simple!


Puppies Produce Lots of POOP!

Traditional pads are messy!  They increase the risk of parasitic infections and get expensive when caring for your litter. You’re busy and have better things to do than clean up poop all day! Now there's a better, less smelly way.

Using the BrilliantPad system can save you 10+ hours a week–which means more sleep & more puppy playtime!

Clean It With The Touch of a Button

BrilliantPad helps you ditch the mop and automates the clean-up process by instantly wrapping and sealing the soiled pad by rolling it into the "dirty side". This locks in any foul odors and makes dirty pad disposal fast and easy.

Use BrilliantPad in your whelping pen and you will never have to touch soiled pads again!

Our Smart App Keeps You Connected

The BrilliantPad Smart system includes an smartphone app that lets you control the unit from virtually anywhere. The Photo Journal feature logs each potty event, and our "PoopAI™"  flags any changes in stool - dehydrated or soft. The built-in Health Alerts  call attention to changes in potty frequency and waste consistency.

BrilliantPad Breeder's Bundle - Save over $200

We are so sure you will love our self-cleaning system, we've put together this special "Breeder's Starter Kit" to help you try it for your next litter. The bundle contains everything you need to get your pups off to a clean, healthy start–even your Mama dog will enjoy a fresh and sanitary whelping box while she is nursing and tending to her puppies.


Each kit includes:

1 BrilliantPad Smart®
8 Extra Rolls (9 Total)
3 Training & Cleaning Sprays

A $407 value for only $199


* Machine measures 34” x 24” x 6” and requires proximity to an electric
outlet and 2.4 GHz WiFi network. Battery pack option available.


Get the BrilliantPad bundle with our smartest machine, eight extra rolls & a set of training and cleaning sprays for more than 50% off our regular price!


Don't take our word for it... See what other Breeders say about BrilliantPad

Meg Hennesy is a Firm Believer in BrilliantPad

"No more laying down old fashioned piddle pads, which the pups would grab and pull. Plus they would would fill up my trash every day. Now I just lift out the used BrilliantPad roll once every few days. BrilliantPad saves me time and eliminates the mess."

~ Meg Hennesy, Snowood Dalmations & Cavaliers

Amy Powell Cleans Up at the Touch of a Button!

"BrilliantPad is a real time-saver and makes clean-up a breeze. With the press of a button, the waste goes inside the roll, and it’s completely clean odor-free! BrilliantPad has really changed my life."

~Amy Powell, Havanese

Karen Dennehy Likes a Hygienic Whelping Area

"BrilliantPad is wonderful and helps our puppies’ environment stay clean. This eliminates worry about transferring parasites or picking up bacterial infections. BrilliantPad is absolutely fabulous for any breeding environment."

~ Karen Dennehy, Small World Puppies



Are You a Toy or Small Dog Breeder?

You may be eligible to receive a FREE BrilliantPad System!

Most breeders can't imagine going back to the old way of cleaning after using BrilliantPad. Once they have raised their litter on the BrilliantPad System, their puppies are trained for life so it's common for them to recommend the solution to their new puppy owners. If this sounds like you, and you are interested in earning some $$ extra cash $$ we want YOU to earn rewards in our BrilliantPad Breeder Affiliate Program.

If you qualify, we will set you up with your own BrilliantPad Breeder Bundle at NO CHARGE and help you market our products to your friends, family, other breeders, puppy buyers, neighbors with small dog breeds–basically everyone! In exchange, besides earning commission on your sales you will be able to purchase BrilliantPad products (including replacement pads) and our lowest preferred Breeder pricing.

Although all puppies can use BrilliantPad in their whelping box, it's suited mainly for adult dogs weighing less than 25 lbs.

Have questions? Email  We look forward to working with you!