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(WILL APPEAR ABOVE ADD TO CART) BrilliantPad is the first automatic, self-cleaning dog potty. Train your dog to use BrilliantPad so they can have the freedom to go potty when they need to and you have the peace of mind that they have a safe, clean place to go.  BrilliantPad automatically wraps & seals waste so you never have to see, smell or touch dirty pads again.

  • Free Shipping in Continental USA. $20 shipping HI, AK and Canada.
  • 1-2 Year Warranty.
  • Perfect for adult dogs under 25 pounds that already use potty pads
  • Perfect for potty training puppies

Product Description

BrilliantPad is the foundation of a digital health platform that helps pets live healthier, happier and longer lives.  The new and improved BrilliantPad system adds WiFi, vision and machine-learning technology to support dog-activated modes of automatic operation; improves pet health; and substantially lowers the cost and material waste of replacement rolls.


WiFi & App Connectivity BrilliantPad Smart with App connection keeps you informed & puts in you in control. Refresh the pad when you want, look-in at any time and ensure you return to a clean, odor-free home. 
Smart Detection & Advanced Timers BrilliantPad Smart detects when your dog has visited BrilliantPad & refreshes automatically or after the number of visits you set. 
Health Alerts BrilliantPad Smart's technology alerts pet parents of important changes that may otherwise go unnoticed. 
Cheaper, Greener Rolls New & Improved BrilliantPad Rolls are now as low as $14.99 per roll. More here.....
Peace of Mind Notifications Receive alerts when the pad roll is running low on your machine or in your overall supply. Never worry about coming home to a potty mess.
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How it Works

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