BrilliantPad Smart

Fully automatic operation, a healthier pet and a cleaner home. 

BrilliantPad is the foundation of a digital health platform that helps pets live healthier, happier and longer lives. These third-generation products were created in response to vocal customer requests for new features. The new and improved BrilliantPad SMART adds WiFi, vision and machine-learning technologies to support automatic modes of operation. Improve pet health and make using and maintaining BrilliantPad easier. Smart Technology enables dog-activated automatic cleaning, lets you see and replace pads from your smartphone, provides health insights for longer pet life and adds intelligent pad-roll replenishment.


Companion App   keeps you informed with usage notifications and lets you remotely control your BrilliantPad machine. The system alerts you to changes in usage frequency and highlights low pad supply. 

BrilliantPad Smart Dog Detected Advance Dog Activated Advance  lets you set BrilliantPad to clean after your dog steps off the machine. Select how many visits are required to replace the pad.  

Health Alerts  flag changes in potty frequency and maintains a photo journal for review with your veterinarian.  BrilliantPad Smart aims to prevent small issues from becoming larger problems.

BrilliantPad Smart Timer Smart Timers Alternately, set the machine to clean at designated times or advance anytime from the App or machine.

More Economical  BriliantPad Smart lets you tailor the auto-advance settings to the preferences of you and your dog and reduce pad usage.

BrilliantPad Rolls Better for Environment Better for the environment Next generation roll design  features a disposal cartridge with 80% less plastic than before. The take-up tube is biodegrade and the end caps are recyclable.

Roll Replenishment

BrilliantPad Roll Replacement Roll Usage Detection BrilliantPad monitors the pad level in the machine and tracks your roll supply at home. It will automatically deliver rolls as needed.

BrilliantPad Points Program Save 40% on Replacement Rolls With BrilliantPad Subscribe & Save and Rewards Programs, you can save up to 40% on replacement rolls.

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