September 23, 2019 2 min read

Classes are back in full swing leaving some parents “empty-nesters” for the school year. However, if you are like Lamar Love and his wife, your babies may be away at college, but your fur babies are right by your side. Lamar and his wife work full-time and Lamar is required to travel at times for work. With their daughter away at college, they like to visit her when time allows. These situations mean Lucy, their pup, is at home without them there to care for her.

Prior to finding BrilliantPad, Lucy was using potty pads. When she was unable to find a clean spot on the pads to use, she would walk through her own potty mess, tracking waste throughout the house. Whether it was Lamar and his wife, or Lamar’s sister-in-law watching Lucy, coming home to this was not a pleasant surprise. Once Lamar discovered BrilliantPad, he researched if Lucy would be right for this product. She met the two recommendations to be a BrilliantPad dog:

  • Less than 25 pounds
  • Pad trained

With that, Lamar purchased BrilliantPad and began training. In Lucy’s case, she took right to BrilliantPad without much need for training. This will not be the norm for all pet parents and their dogs, which is perfectly acceptable and expected. BrilliantPad has a full library of training resources to help you transition your pet from potty pads to BrilliantPad.

“As far as our lifestyle, we just feel so much better. One for Lucy because I think it helps her. We know that she's always has a clean pad. That's huge. From our standpoint, it relieves us to know that a mess is not going to be an issue, especially when we're not home.”

BrilliantPad wants to improve the lifestyle of all pet parents. Our products allow you the freedom and flexibility to go about your daily routines, without worrying if your pet has a clean space to potty. Lamar has witnessed the evolution of BrilliantPad’s machine and rolls throughout his customer journey. “They just keep improving upon which I think is wonderful.”For example, our release of the improved BrilliantPad Rolls officially available! New & improved BrilliantPad Rolls are cheaper, greener and easier to use.

Remember, while many things in your life may change, as long as you have a dog you love in your home, BrilliantPad’s promise to keep your home clean and odor-free stays the same! To read more stories like Lamar’s and shop for your BrilliantPad visit us at

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