September 06, 2019 2 min read

When you bring a new puppy into your household there will be a period of adjustment.  It is important that your new furry family member become housetrained as quickly and reliably as possible. BrilliantPad is a perfect solution to potty train a puppy. Many veterinarians and animal behaviorists recommend putting your puppy in a small room or gated area to keep your puppy safe and accident-free. Put a bed, food, water, and BrilliantPad in the confined training space and ensure there is room to play too. A dog’s natural instinct is to keep their eating and sleeping area clean so BrilliantPad becomes the only legitimate potty spot. To ensure a successful potty training experience with your puppy and BrilliantPad follow these tips. 

  • Put your dog on BrilliantPad 10-15 minutes after eating, playing, or if you notice pacing circling or sniffing. 
  • Give your dog a treat and lots of praise when he goes potty on BrilliantPad. If your puppy poops on BrilliantPad, advance the pad manually to minimize the likelihood of tracking poo through the training area. 
  • If your puppy pees on the BrilliantPad, don’t advance the paper right away. Leaving a few pee spots will help the dog scent identify the potty target. 
  • Put your dog in the confinement area whenever you cannot directly supervise, when you go out or when it’s time for sleep. 
  • To reinforce training, place your dog on BrilliantPad every two hours after your dog wakes up and 10-15 minutes after eating. 
  • When accidents happen avoid punishment. Clean up the mess with an enzymatic cleaner such asBrilliantPad’s Tidy Shot.

Be consistent with your training. Shower your puppy with praise and affection and reward him after successfully using BrilliantPad. To learn more visit theBrilliantPad website.