May 22, 2020 2 min read

As you prepare to return to work, your dog may get confused about where you’ve gone after all the time you’ve spent together. Changes to your dog’s daily routine can be difficult for them, and we want to help bring you some peace of mind and offer some suggestions to ease your dog’s separation anxiety. BrilliantPad is here to reassure you that we are there for you, even when you have to go back to work. 

What is separation anxiety?

Your dog may experience some separation anxiety after becoming used to you being home. This anxiety happens when your dog becomes attached to you and they experience stress when you leave. 

Signs of separation anxiety:

  • barking or whining in excess
  • chewing things
  • scratching surfaces
  • excessive drooling, panting, or salivating
  • obsessive pacing
  • trying to escape
  • having indoor accidents

If you notice unwanted chewing try applying a bitter spray, likeBrilliantPad No No Bitter Repellant

Easing anxiety:

There are many ways to help ease the anxiety of your dog, and it may take some trial and error before you find what works best. Remember to be patient with your dog and try a few of these tips!

  • Give them a treat or a toy right before you leave.
  • Leave out something that smells like you. This could be a shirt, sweatshirt, whatever you think your pup will like.
  • Try leaving and coming home casually while drawing as little attention to your absence as possible.
  • You can also try natural calming supplements.
  • Make sure your dog receives lots of exercise.

How BrilliantPad can help:

We all know that when you gotta go, you gotta go! That’s why our BrilliantPad self-cleaning dog potty is there for your dog, even while you’re away. Training your furry pup to use BrilliantPad will help remove anxiety of coming home to a mess, and it will help your dog be more comfortable and relieved when they need to go. To learn more about BrilliantPad,click here.