May 08, 2020 2 min read

When dogs gotta go, they gotta go, and their instinct is to look for the nearest green patch they can find. This is the thought behind the artificial grass patch that many pet parents have turned to, especially during times of quarantine. 

While indoor potty solutions work for some dogs and their pet parents, it’s important that you find the right fit for you. If you enjoy a clean and fresh smelling home, you might want to explore these steps on how to transition your dog from an artificial patch of grass to the BrilliantPad® self-cleaning dog potty. 

First off, it’s important to note that BrilliantPad is designed for small dogs and puppies under 25 pounds. This is typically the case for dogs who use artificial grass pads as well, which will help make the transition process easier. 

The Steps: 

  1. The Spot. Place BrilliantPad in the area that your dog regularly visits to go potty. Let them get acclimated to this new “thing” in their potty area. 
  2. The Signal. Once BrilliantPad has been placed in their designated potty area, place the artificial grass patch (or a portion of it) on BrilliantPad. This will help your dog identify BrilliantPad with the concept of potty time and convey the signal your dog can potty here. 
  3. The Transition. After your dog has successfully gone #1 or #2 on the grass patch on top of BrilliantPad, slowly shrink the grass patch. Progressively fold it or remove it to encourage your dog to go directly on BrilliantPad. 
  4. The Rewards. Be sure to reward your dog after each successful potty use and remember to always provide heaps of love and praise. Positive reinforcement is the key to success with any dog training. 
“Brilliant! ... My dog was trained on a system with artificial turf and he cannot go on the white paper. We placed a piece of green AstroTurf on the white pad and he is so happy to relieve himself there. We then lift the turf, roll the paper and replace the turf which we clean regularly… it’s a very slick system and we love it!”
Patricia K. 

While artificial grass is a great potty solution for many households, BrilliantPad offers even greater indoor convenience without the mess of having to clean up soiled potty areas. BrilliantPad’s auto rolling system seals away your dog’s #1 and #2 easily and cleanly so you never have to see, touch, or smell the potty mess again!

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