January 17, 2020 3 min read

When we become a pet parent, there is an excitement coupled with the anxiety of wanting to train your puppy or dog as best you can we have all experienced. This feeling was maximized five times over for our BrilliantPad customer, Rocco when he unintentionally found five puppies between him and his wife's home, and his mothers.  Luckily, BrilliantPad was able to be a part of their journey and training process.

In 2008, Smalls, a male Maltese and Tinkerbell, a female Morkie, were adopted by Karen Markese and her son, Rocco.  Soon after Rocco got married and moved into a new home., he and his new bride took Tinkerbell with him. Karen and Rocco made sure that Tinkerbell and Smalls still had time together, however.  Rocco would bring Tinkerbell over for “playdates” and after some time, “play” turned into real dating. After a couple of years of courting, Smalls and Tinkerbell welcomed their first litter in 2011.  The new puppies were named Selena, Pebbles, and Kita. They quickly won the hearts of Karen and Rocco. Karen chose to keep two of them in her home with Smalls, while she convinced Rocco to adopt the third puppy to live at home with Mama Tinkerbell. 

Now, what are two households to do who were cumulatively caring for five dogs at once? Sit down and watch Shark Tank of course! Well, not exactly, but that is how Rocco came to learn about BrilliantPad.  When BrilliantPad Founder, Alan Cook made his pitch to the Sharks, Rocco was all ears. He wanted to try the product that was designed as a potty training solution for puppies and for long-term use with small dogs 25 pounds or less. Rocco ordered his BrilliantPad soon after the show and eagerly set it up when it arrived.

Rocco and his wife began training and transitioning their dog and their puppy to use  BrilliantPad. First, they delved into BrilliantPad’s customized step-by-steptraining guide.  But due to a confessed “lack of consistency” and previously developed poor potty habits, Rocco and his wife found that transitioning to BrilliantPad was going to take a bit longer than they had originally anticipated.  Retraining for bad and inconsistent habits proved to be difficult, but with help from the BrilliantPad training guides and feedback from customer support, after several months of perseverance, their pets did make the switch.  By the end of their training, Rocco and his wife are happy they stuck with BrilliantPad and the training program. He says, “BrilliantPad made potty clean-up much easier! BrilliantPad is an amazing product, while BrilliantPet team members offer some of the best customer services I’ve ever experienced!”

Being a pet parent isn’t always easy.  Potty training and teaching good behavior can be a lot of work. Sometimes you need a helping hand, or in this case, expert training advice.  With persistence and consistency, Rocco and his wife found relief from day-to-day dog waste cleanup. The time they put in paid off so that now they can spend more time playing and cuddling with Tinkerbell and her pup instead of cleaning up messy, smelly dog potty pads. 

Is BrilliantPad the indoor dog potty solution for you?  Our team worked with Rocco and his family to provide training guidance and support for his two dogs. We can do the same for you.  

If you decide to try BrilliantPad, please reach out to us with any questions or comments. We are here to support your training efforts. Furthermore, we want to hear about your experience with BrilliantPad. Leave us a review onFacebook or on ourwebsite