November 15, 2019 2 min read

Frigid temperatures and snow-covered sidewalks have made their way earlier than usual to most of the country. Whether you anticipate three to four months of winter each year or are in shock like many, your pets are likely feeling some early onsets of cabin fever as well. Outdoor walks have become shorter or less frequent with less daylight and freezing temperatures. If you are a pet parent, you have likely experienced your dog begging to be let outside only to quickly run back in because of the cold on their paws. BrilliantPad may not be able to predict the weather, but we can be there when it is simply too dangerous for your pet to be outside.

Many BrilliantPad customers have shared with us how they came to choose our machine. Kathy Christianson, BrilliantPad Customer, lives where temperatures in the winter reach unbearable lows for humans and pets. “Winter is always a struggle and we’re unable to take our dogs outside with temps that can reach -50 at times.” We know the struggle of running from the warmth indoors to our cars bundled up, imagine the feeling our pet’s experience trudging through snowdrifts and avoiding icy patches just to relieve themselves.

While there are various indoor potty solutions like grass pads or potty pads, BrilliantPad is the first self-cleaning indoor dog potty. Choosing to incorporate BrilliantPad into your lifestyle assures your pet will be safe from exposure to harsh weather conditions and a clean, odor-free home. Other indoor potty solutions leave the pet parent with the task of cleaning up the mess from #1 or #2 left behind. These products may cause your pet to also track through previously soiled areas leaving their paws, your floors and your furniture messy.

We believe it is very important to take your dog outside regularly to exercise and socialize. However, as Kathy shared with BrilliantPad, this is not always the best option for our pet’s health and safety. According to an article highlighting Cold-Weather Pet Tips on, “When you are working on housebreaking your new puppy, remember that puppies are more susceptible to cold than are adult dogs. In cold conditions or bad weather, you may need to opt for paper training your new pet rather than taking the pup outside.” BrilliantPad is excellent for training puppies and meant for small dogs under 25 pounds!

Together with BrilliantPad, you can find ways to enjoy the winter months with your pet. Your choice to bring BrilliantPad into your home means you spend less time cleaning up messes and more time playing and enjoying puppy snuggles! Remember the snow should be enjoyed, but humans and pets should do so with caution and in increments. We look forward to welcoming you to our BrilliantPad family!