December 04, 2020 2 min read

Lights, Camera, Action! Dogs bring so much joy and happiness into our lives, how can we not take a million pictures of them?! We get it and we’re here to help! Follow these tips to take top-notch photos of your pup this holiday season to share with family, friends, on social media (don’t forget to tag us: @BrilliantPad or use #BrilliantPad or #BrilliantPadPup), or just to look at when you’re feeling down. Trust us, a few great photos of your dog could lift you out of the gloomiest of moods. 


We want to see your furry friend so make sure you flip on those lights, head outside, or hang out by your home’s windows and doors. You want a nice and bright space to stage your photos and light up that face you love so much!

Nothing should detract from their cute face either, so tidy up the space around your photo area for a clean and fresh look. After the photoshoot, you can also bump up things like brightness and exposure in your phone’s editing app for an extra bright finished product. 


While we typically shoot vertically when taking photos - because that’s how we hold our phones - try shooting your photos in landscape by turning your phone horizontally. This allows for a bigger, wider shot. Also don’t be afraid to get down on the ground with your dog. Channel your inner fashion photographer! Try different angles, photo presets, and poses. If your dog can do tricks, try capturing them showing off their skills.

For added fun, include props like toys, treats, and food bowls and get in there! Use the timer on your phone or have a family member or friend hop behind the camera to capture some moments of you and your dog together. 


Did you get my good side? Dogs move arounda lot! Especially puppies. They never seem to sit still so embrace it! Take videos instead of pictures or try a boomerang or GIF of your dog in action. A great tip is to use a tripod or set up your phone against a stack of books or something similar and just push record on a video. Then play with your dog, get them moving, and then when you’re through, go back through the video and screenshot your favorite scenes. Whether they’re playing, chasing their tail, or running after a favorite toy, showcase your dog in their element, and don’t be afraid of the movement. 

You love your dog so enjoy your time together in front of the camera. Use treats, make time for play, and enjoy the outcome, however goofy or candid they may be. And don’t forget to SHARE! We love seeing #BrilliantPadPups at home doing what they love. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@BrilliantPad) or use the hashtag: #BrilliantPad or #BrilliantPadPup.