November 20, 2020 3 min read

They are the ones who never cease to give us a warm welcome when we walk through the door. They have kept us company and became our work companions over the last seven months of the pandemic. They never complain about only having us as their best friends. We can do no wrong in their eyes (or at least not that they say out loud) and they love us unconditionally. Who areThey? Our dogs. However you choose to refer to them - furbabies, pets, pups, babies, one of the kids - there is no denying that we are better people (or pet parents) because of them. 

Our dogs deserve their own #BrilliantPadBlog post to receive public praise and gratitude for all they unselfishly do for us as their humans each and every day. Our team has compiled our top five reasons we are thankful for our own dogs this year.  We hope you agree and that we all remember to take a few lessons from the humbleness our pets show. 

  1. Throw us a welcome home party anytime we leave a room. Where else can you leave a room or building for five minutes only to walk back into a celebration that you have reemerged? Dogs love their people. We are their company and sometimes it is easy to forget that fact. When we are greeted by our dogs we should enjoy the excitement, tail-wagging, barks, and wet kisses because it is one of the purest loves there is on earth.
  2. Never complain about how much time they get with us.Sure our pets have seen us a little (or a lot) more than they are used to. Even still we have been distracted with many tasks while at home. Aside from the occasional whimpering to go out for extra playtime, do you ever observe your dog disliking you being around? Nope.BrilliantPad encourages making quality time for your pet too by taking away time you would normally use cleaning up after potty accidents or pee pad messes. You getmore time to enjoy fetch and belly rubs instead of picking up waste and chewed up pads.
  3. Know when you just need a “hug”.The next time you are feeling out of sorts, pay attention to how your dog behaves. They sense when their humans are sad, upset, or worried. A dog is always there to offer you, someone, to wrap your arms around. There is a reason dogs are used as therapy for people!
  4. Appreciate everything their pet parents do for them (no matter how small).Have you ever done something nice for another human, only to not receive the gratitude you expected? Well, that does not exist with a pet parent and their dog. It does not matter if it is a new ball, chew toy, stick, or treat, our dogs appreciate it all!
  5. Take pride in protecting their people. We will admit, the ritual barking of a dog as they hear the mailman coming from miles down the road can be a bit much at times, but we are chalking it up to that they want to protect their home and people. 

We would love to hear your many reasons you are thankful for your dogs. Send us a note or leave us a message on our social media. In the meantime, let’s all give our pets a little extra love today!